This week in 2nd grade...

Mrs.Farmer, Mrs.Fewell, Mrs.Harvey, Mrs.Henry, and Mr.Cozart

Week of November 11-November 15

Fall is definitely in the air and temperatures are going to drop again-this Tuesday! Please send your child dressed for the colder weather. Flex groups will be back on track this week.

Reading passages will be sent for homework each Monday and returned on Thursdays. Please remember this is not for a grade. Students can earn $10 Clinkscale Cash for completing it. Each passage will contain the following components:

1: In order to improve fluency, please time your child as he or she reads the passage aloud to you 3 times. Record each time at the bottom of the passage.

2: Reading Comprehension Strategies- Students are required to write the gist of each paragraph, underline key words in the questions, and underline where they locate their answers in the passage.

3: Comprehension Questions-Students are required to use the text evidence in the passage to answer the comprehension questions.

$3 will be deducted from the $10 for any component left incomplete.

Our hope is that students will gain confidence and independence with the additional practice. Please see the the example passage that your teacher provided with examples of the components and strategies shown.

With so much going on this time of year, please download the calendar link below to see what's coming up!

Have a terrific week!

This Week in...

  • Reading- We will compare and contrast characters and plots in fiction text.
  • Grammar Skills- We will identify and write adjectives.
  • Math- We will use place value to determine 10 more/less and 100 more/less in numbers.
  • Science- We will continue to explore magnets.
  • Social Studies- We will identify natural resources and be able to explain how they made changes in America.

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