Practicing without a License

By: Haley Bulluck-Munson

Brown vs. Shyne Case

Shyne, a practicing chiropractor, treated Brown for laryngitis. Shyne did not have a license to practice medicine, but claimed to possess the skill to diagnosis and treat the disease. Shyne was convicted of a misdemeanor for practicing medicine without a license. Brown became paralyzed after nine treatments and sued Shyne for negligence.

When did it happen?

This case was argued on January 20, 1926 and was decided on February 24, 1926.

What type of Health Care Professional was involved?

Shyne was not a licensed chiropractor, but claimed to possess skill for diagnosis and treatment.

What Happened?

Brown hired Shyne to perform chiropractic treatment on her. He preformed 9 different types of chiropractic treatments on Brown which caused her to become paralyzed and sued Shyne for negligence.

Who won and what did they win?

Brown was awarded $10,000 and Shyne was appealed. The court decided to become reversed, and a new trail was ordered.