Principal Update

February 25th, 2013

Happy Monday BSE!

Welcome back from what was a VERY short week last week. I appreciate all of you keeping the peace while I took a personal adventure day on Friday. While I was out all of you were blessed with a safety audit. Go figure, the only day I am out on purpose, they show up:) I debriefed with our officer today and recieved specific details of your outstanding job. I would like to celebrate Steve Hermanson (bus driver) and Tracey Prout (I.A.) who provided a quick and clear repsonse. It took only 18 seconds for Hermanson and Prout to make contact with the plain-clothed police officer who had let himself in door #3. Hermanson quickly hit the radio to the office, while Prout asked the officer if he had signed in. She then offered to escort him to the office. This is exactly how we need to respond to any unmarked guests (those without a sticker very easily viewed). Thanks to all of you for keeping your eyes open and your procedures in mind. With reactions such as these we will keep our children safe! (See more safety reminders below)


All Fishers PD who enter the building WILL check into the office or WILL be wearing full Fishers uniform with weapons/badge. They do NOT have to have a sticker when in our building as they are clearly marked with a badge. If you ever encounter a police officer, feel free to say hello, introduce yourself, and get to know our law enforcement They are welcome here and in our hallways each and every day.

Student Training Changes for SAFETY.

Students in grades K, 3, and 4 will NOT have specific training for A.L.I.C.E. It is your job, as the teacher, to communicate options during an emergency and in a manner that will not cause students anxiety or concern. Please keep the message simple, NEVER talk about weapons, killing, shooters or show any picture/video of any such violent situation to your students. They need to know the basics, YOU are fully in charge of ensuring that they know that they will listen to your every word in an emergency situation. Need help? Let me know and I'll assist you with such communication.

BEAR HUNT - Postponed until next planned date.

The BEAR HUNT is unable to occur due to our staff's busy schedules. Please forgive us for being short on ability to kick off this event today! Kussy will send you a reminder of the next HUNT!

PD on Wednesday, February 27, 2013

EC - 8AM - Media Center - Coffee/Donuts WILL be available - Common Core 8-9AM (Derado)

K-4 - 8AM - LGI - Progressions Common Core via Grade Level (Kaminski)

K-4/EC - 9-9:40 - LGI - Vertical Progression Activity (Kaminski/Derado)

This week

Today: Fire Drill - Late PM

2/26/13 - RTI Grade 3/4 and REACH team meeting 8AM

Kaminski Out PD/Admin/CC (pretty much all day)

Cultural Competency Dist. Meeting - 1PM Admin

PLP meeting - 4PM

4th Grade Musical - 4PM

2/27/13 - Late Start PD listed above

1st Grade Team Meeting 3:50PM

2/28/13 - ISTEP Training Meeting - 8AM

Special Ed Staff Meeting - 11AM

MATH Bowl - 5PM Riverside Intermediate

Math and Science Night - BSE - 5:30-8PM

3/1/13 - Jeans and BSE spirit day

K,3rd, and 4th Grade Team Meeting - 8AM

2nd Grade Famous American Museum Event 9:30-10:15AM