2nd Grade News!

What's happening in 2nd grade?

Space Reading is coming to an end...

-The kids have done an excellent job reading for our Space Reading Program! We are proud of their voracious reading! To celebrate their accomplishments, we will be having a "Sunny Lunch Celebration" on Thursday, December 10th.

-For the lunch, here are some OPTIONAL ideas:

-a lunch and a drink-or the school lunch


-beach towel

Curriculum Updates


-Voracious Reading...ask your child what it means to be a "voracious reader" and what it helps them with...

-Reading Wreath-each child will make a "reading wreath" to encourage, and keep track of, their voracious reading.

-Later in the week, we will focus on making connections: text-to-self, text-to-text, text-to-world


-we started our math switch today

-The two math standards we will focus on are:

***Able to recognize and identify the values of dollars, quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies

***Accurately add coin combinations up to $1.00

-Looking forward to reviewing our math skills with holiday activities and projects


-We will start our "Gingerbread House For Sale" Writing Project! The children will use descriptive writing (adjectives) to convince someone to buy their gingerbread house. This has been a favorite winter activity in 2nd grade!

-COMING HOME SOON will be an "At-Home" Gingerbread Project. Be on the look out for a packet with all the information you need to complete this project. Contact your child's teacher if you have any questions!

Social Studies:

-Unit 4, People Long Ago

Important Dates

-12/11: Edison Band and Orchestra concert at 9:30

-12/15: Winter Concert-7:00. More details about this event will be coming home soon!

-12/18: Winter Party

-12/19-1/3: Winter Break!

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