Thanks for your support in 2013

Santa Forgot My Arbonne Product!

It's that time of year again!

It's time for the Third Annual Santa Forgot My Arbonne Product Contest. This year has been amazing for the growth of my business and I owe it to all of you - my wonderful clients!

As a Thank You for your support of my business, I'm offering a chance to get your favorite product (or one that you've been wanting to try) at a discount!

The first five folks contacted me quickly, but there is still time for savings! You can get 40% off one of your favorite Arbonne products if you text or email me by NOON today (Dec 27, 2013)

The rules of the contest are simple and are explained below.

Rules for the Contest

1.) Done

2.) Done

3.) If you missed the first 2 opportunities for savings, you can email or text me with your favorite one product selection from 10:01 PM tonight (Dec 26, 2013) until noon tomorrow (Dec 27, 2013) and get 40% off plus free shipping. Again, there's no price limit on your product choice for this option.

4.) And finally, if for some crazy reason you missed all of the above opportunities for free or discounted items, email or text me from 12:01 PM until midnight Friday (Dec 27, 2013) and you will get free shipping. For this part of the contest I will honor any discounts you already have.

* Sorry, but these contest offers can't be applied to any Preferred Advantage rewards you might still have.

So That's The Contest!

You can get discounted product, or free shipping at the very least, if you get to me quickly. We will figure out payment options once I hear from you. Please do email, text, or even call me to participate. You will not see a link for this contest on my website.

Thank you again for your continued support. Good luck and best wishes for a wonderful 2014!

Warm regards,
Betsy Novotny
Independent Consultant, District Manager
Arbonne International


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