Apple Apps for mLearning

Apps to Enhance Learning in a Secondary Level English class

Lauren Wlasichuk

EDU 210

See Subtext in Action
  • Read web articles, PDFs, or eBooks as a class
  • Teacher can view and track progress to help students that are following behind
  • students can comment and post right to the text for other classmates to view (embedded discussions)
  • Text-to-speech tool to read single words, sentences, or entire pages
  • Teachers can add assignments/quizzes to the end of chapters
  • Free app!
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  • Create tasks lists
  • set due dates
  • create reminders
  • Keeps students up to date and organized
  • share lists with other teachers or students
  • free app
Student Tutorial: Assessments
Student Tutorial: Class Polls
Explore Haiku Learning's New iPad App!
  • Access all of the features of a Haiku class website on class iPads
  • Easily view assignments, assessments, to-do items on Activities page
  • Quickly upload assignments through iPad
  • Capture video, photo, or audio with the iPad itself to upload for assignments
  • Create, edit and collaborate with others on Word documents
  • share and collaborate with other students either synchronously or asynchronously
  • documents available from any device in the classroom or on the go
  • trackable changes and edits
  • automatically saves so students do not loose their work
  • Free to use
  • Available on a variety of devices
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  • Create mindmaps to organize ideas, make connections to create better understanding
  • Unlimited mindmaps with or without an account
  • Incorporate images, videos, weblinks, lists or texts into mindmaps
  • Completed mindmaps can be shared via email or saved as PDFs or images
  • Free to use