Education & Family

Cassidy & Daisy


  • Reading, writing and calculation was a becoming skill needed in governments, businesses and even agriculture
  • People who has the skills of education stood in great power over other people.
  • mostly boys were sent to school. Girls were kept home to learned how to sew and weaving.
  • education to schools were only open to sons of high class
  • Most education was done by Monks so children would go to cathedrals to receive their lessons.
  • The main method of learning in the middle ages was memorization
  • Books and written text were not around because there was no way to copy them
  • Students used wax tablets with a stylus of ivory, bone or metal to practice writing.
  • The Basic Education for elites was the seven liberal arts. This was thought to be knowledge for free men as its main purpose was not for money making


  • segregation between men and women were also found in family life.
  • Children were shaped by their environment, especially the one their parents create.
  • During the middle ages the life of one person was easily reflected to how his family status was.
  • Marriages were used to affect the family, the economy , and the inheritance.
  • Marriages were arranged so many parents tried to get their children to marry someone with a high status so the family would get a share of the privileges
  • During marriages the wife was property of the husband. In some cases women were regarded as objects and even dogs and beast.
  • Divorce was rare and was only permitted by breaking one of the three laws made by the church.