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Stargirl is the new girl at she captures the whole school under her wierd spell "not really a spell".Leo borlock has a crush on her and also has a crush on him.But in the end when everbody starts to hate to  her Leo desperatly wants her to be normal.

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My favorite part in the book whas when stargirl and everybody where doing the bunny hop.

Figurative Language

Strong verbs

 In Bafflement I said there`s a new girl in school.pg32,Cinnamon`s Unblinking eyes were bulging.pg37.


Stargirl is the new girl at school. At first everybody likes her until at the tragic basket ball game,when everbody starts to hate her.So leo must make everybody like her,and to make her normal.15 years later he gets a porquiepine necktie.

Sources and Stargirl the book by Jerry Spinelli.