Ms. Jones Physical Education Class

2nd Grade Dribble Unit

What Your Student is Doing:

Your child will be learning the skill of dribbling with their feet. This skill will broken down over the next seven days. Each day will focus on a new aspect that will help your child be a successful dribbler at the end of the unit! Listed below is an outline of each day.

7 Day Unit:

Day 1: Inside & Outside of the foot

Day 2: Trapping

Day 3: Eyes Up

Day 4: Finding Open Space

Day 5: Control

Day 6: Change of Direction

Day 7: Intro. to Shielding

Questions to ask your child?

What two parts of the foot should you use to dribble?

What part of the foot do you trap the ball with?

How do you find open space when dribbling a ball?

Family Fitness Fun!

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