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what have we been up to?

We had a very exciting week. We had to say goodbye to our chicks. Having the chicks in our classroom was so much fun. We watched them hatch, learned about the needs of living things, and their life cycle. The bug man also came. He was a huge hit! We will be continuing our learning about insects next week. We have also been working on subtraction. This would be something to work on at home as well.

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Last Day of School

I just wanted to clarify the last day of school for everyone. We celebrate them moving onto first grade, however we don't have a kindergarten graduation since they will stay at Harwood. After the whole school awards ceremony we will go into the classroom, watch a quick slideshow, and get our classroom awards. You are invited to come celebrate with us. The tentative time will be at 10:30. After our quick classroom celebration we join the whole school for a BBQ lunch and then fun games and activities outside. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Important Dates


5 Harwood Husky T-Shirt Day

11 PTO 6:30 Free Day Care Provided in Gym

16-Field trip to Sheyenne Gardens

22 Spring Concert at Cheney Middle School K-2 6:30 3-5 7:15 Free Daycare Provided

24-Book Fair

25 Last Day Awards 9 Classroom awards will be after the whole school awards

25 PTO Sponsored Grilling and Sundae Bar for all Staff and Students

Guest Readers

I would love for parents to come be our guest and surprise your child with being a guest reader. 11:25-11:45 is the time I would like for this to happen, but if that time doesn't work for you we could try a time at the end of the day. I would like for our guest to bring a short book to read aloud (possibly one of your child's current favorite), and then you are welcome to join your child for lunch.

I understand it can be very difficult to get away from work, so if possible we could always Skype. Please let me know if this interests you, and we can set up a date. Also, if your child has a sibling, I can arrange for them to be a secret reader as well

At Home Reading

Please remember to have your child read their books from their book bag multiple times throughout the week. If it seems like they have memorized the text, that is okay. Thank you for your continued support with this at home, it truly shows in their abilities and the growth they've made.

Harwood's Newsletter

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Dear Parents,

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