Hampton Cove Elementary School

February 14, 2020

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Hawk News from the Principal

Hello HCES families!

Happy Valentine's Day! Thank you for all you do for our students and we hope you can join us for our Valentine's Day Parties today. :) I do want to remind everyone that we have many students with severe food allergies, so we are unable to serve homemade items to our students. Since this is such an important issue for our students, I wanted to remind our parents once again. Thank you for helping keep our students safe and healthy! :)

Valentines Day Parties on Friday, Feb. 14th are:

PreK, Kindergarten, and 5th Grades - 12:00-1:00

2nd Grade - 12:15-1:15

1st and 4th Grades - 1:00-2:00 p.m.

3rd Grade - 1:10-2:10

I am noticing that we have many students being dropped off between 8:00 a.m. and 8:03 a.m. in the mornings. Please make every effort to have your children dropped off so they can be in class by 8:00 a.m. And if you are later than 8:00 a.m., please be prepared to sign your child(ren) in as tardy. We need to begin our day and testing is coming up in April! We are working hard, we just need your support.

Kindergarten registration for the 2020-2021 school year is now open, so please share with others in your neighborhood who will have Kindergarten students next year. It does assist us to know in advance how many students will be attending in the fall. We will be registering students from 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Please share the news with others in our school zone.

K for a Day will be April 24th, but we need parents to register our K students and then we can reach out about K for a Day sign ups.

We are so happy that the Cecil Ashburn road is now open. We started the early 7:00 a.m. drop off due to the road closure. Now that the road is open, we will no longer have early drop off available next year. We will remain open at 7:00 a.m. through the end of this year. Next year, the doors will open at 7:30 a.m.

We want to welcome our new families who have joined our HCES family throughout this year and PTA had a wonderful idea to host a Newcomer Breakfast next Wednesday morning, February 26th at 8:00 a.m. in our library. We will share our many volunteer opportunities and answer any questions you may have about our school! We are truly a family here and we want you all to feel welcomed! Also, if you are not a newcomer but would love more information on how to volunteer or would like to volunteer a grandparent, you are welcome to attend our breakfast as well! Come join us!

We have decided to move our National Blue Ribbon Celebration to April, so more information will be sent home soon.

Some of our amazing parents are planning our Hawk Hustle run to raise money for our school. The T-shirt order forms were sent home last week. We hope you will mark your calendars and make plans to join us for the Hawk Hustle run on March 18th! It was so much fun last year!!!

Other Important Dates:

Februrary 14th - Valentine's Day Class Parties

February 17th - No School for President's Day

Februrary 28th - Spring Picture Day!

Thank you all for your support and enjoy your nice long weekend!

Ms. Spivey

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HCES PBIS - Positive Behavior Intervention Support

This is our third year of PBIS implementation and last year, we streamlined our Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS) plan.

What is Positive Behavior Intervention Support?

PBIS is a process for creating safer and more effective schools. It is a systems approach to enhancing the capacity of schools to educate all children by developing research-based, school-wide, and classroom behavior support systems. The process focuses on improving a school’s ability to teach and support positive behavior for all students. Rather than a prescribed program, PBIS provides systems for schools to design, implement, and evaluate effective school-wide, classroom, non-classroom, and student specific plans. PBIS includes school-wide procedures and processes intended for all students, staff, and faculty in all settings. PBIS is not a program or a curriculum. It is a team-based process for systemic problem solving, planning, and evaluation. It is an approach to creating a safe and productive learning environment where teachers can teach and all students can learn.

What is PBIS at our school?

We have adopted a unified set of school wide expectations (rules). These expectations define behavior in our school. You will see these expectations posted throughout the school and your child will be learning them during this process. Our unified classroom expectations will be posted in every classroom and non-classroom setting in the school, and are as follows:

The Hawk Pledge

As a Hampton Cove Hawk, I will lead with honor, my character counts, and I will strive for excellence to achieve success.

I will listen and follow directions.

I will keep my hands, feet, and objects to myself.

I will respect myself, others, and school property.

I will come to school prepared and ready to learn.

Honor Character Excellence Success

School-wide Expectations:

1: I will listen and follow directions.

2: I will keep my hands, feet, and objects to myself.

3: I will respect myself, others, and school property.

4: I will be come to school prepared and ready to learn.

As part of our PBIS process, faculty and staff members use evidence-based practices to increase student learning and decrease classroom disruptions. To keep student expectations in a positive manner, we do the following when teaching academics and behavior:

* Constantly teach and refer to our school-wide expectations.

* Provide students with more praise than correction.

* Talk to students with respect using a positive voice tone.

* Actively engage everyone in the class during instruction.

* Use proactive measures, prompting, and redirecting as we teach.

* Look for the positive first and provide positive, immediate, frequent, and explicit feedback.

If you have questions about Positive Behavior Intervention Support, please feel free to contact your child’s teacher or administration. We look forward to a wonderful year of teaching your child.

Thank you,

Ms. Spivey, Principal

HCS Attendance

Please remember to send in your child's absence notes within 3 days of their absence. Also, excessive tardies and check outs are tracked as well. We ask that you limit tardies, check-outs and absences.

HCS no longer offers an individual field trip form. However, families may seek administrative approval for extracurricular activities or other school related activity. Examples include:

· An activity that is school related, representing the school/district, participating in a school event, participating in a college visit, or military induction.

· College visit, job shadow, co-op, Ambassador for school, non- athlete attending sporting event (as determined by LEA).

· Dance competition, golf tournament, etc.

Procedure for Administrator Approved Excused Absence:

· A written request from the parent/guardian to the principal with a copy of the schedule and/or event must be presented to the principal 5 days preceding the absences to be considered for excused.

· The written request must include: Name of student, date and place of event, schedule of event in relationship to the absent student participation in the event, and validation from the event that the student did actually participate.

I hope the above information helps to clarify any unexcused absence requests.

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