MAI Parent Meeting



What the heck is Google Classroom and Blackboard?

Google Classroom is a Learning Management System (LMS). Every teacher at MAI has one. Some use it for posting information and resources. Others use it for giving kids access to documents they may need. Still others use it to assign AND COLLECT digital versions of student work. Here is more information about Google Classroom.

MAI Website

Our website is full of information that will support students and families.

MTCC Degree Checklists

Each program at McDowell Technical requires specific academic requirements. Those requirements are linked here.

Community College Gateway Course Requirements

Gateway courses are MTCC English and Math courses that are required for degrees at MTCC. There are certain requirements that students must meet before they are eligible to enroll in these courses. Requirements can be found here.

Math Videos

Our students spoke and we listened! Many of our students say they understand math while they are in class; however, when they get home they need some help or reminders. As a result, we started videotaping our math classes (Math 1 & 2) and posting them on our website. This way our students can access them at any time! You can also access them here.

Blood Drive

Thursday, Jan. 31st 2019 at 9am

172 Lukin Street

We will be partnering with Red Cross to host a blood drive on campus. Students that donate blood 3x in their high school career will earn a red cord that they can wear at graduation. Our blood drive is open to the public so families and community members can also donate, please stop in on 1/31 if you would like to donate blood.