Miss Fehr's Class

Castlio Elementary 3rd Grade

Communication Arts

The current unit we are focusing on in Communication Arts is "We Have A Dream." The students are learning about Dr. Martin Luther King, segregation, and civil rights. They have been given the job of writing a letter to the Show Me State Committee to convince them to build a monument for a famous American Thurgood Marshall, Jackie Robinson, or Susan B. Anthony. When they have finished the research on the person they chose and writing the letter, they will create an online presentation using Educreation.

The vocabulary words the students are working are this unit are: civil, contribute, segregation, transition,

Reading Goals

Each student has set a reading goal for the month. Reading at home each evening will help them meet their monthly goal. Once they are finished with a just right book they are encouraged to take an AR test and record the book on their goal sheet.


We have begun Topic 12 "Adding and Subtracting 2 and 3 Digit Numbers." This should be a review. However, subtraction with regrouping is still an area that needs to be focused on to to ensure mastery. Students will also be working on making change from $5.00.

Multiplication facts need to be practiced at home each evening. Division has been introduced and without memorization of multiplication facts, division will be difficulty.

Work Completion

Just a reminder if a student doesn't complete an assignment at school the day it is assigned it becomes homework. The assignment should be completed and returned the very next morning. Please check your child's assignment notebook for homework.

Snow Day Make-up Schedule

With Francis Howell’s recent snow days, many have questions about make-up days. The District calendar has ten snow days built into it that can be taken prior to the end of the school year. Please avoid scheduling vacation on these days. Below is a schedule of this year’s snow days and the designated make-up days.

Snow day 1 - Jan. 6 – Make up on May 23
Snow day 2 - Jan. 7 – Make up on March 10
Snow day 3 - Jan. 8 – Make up on March 11
Snow day 4 - Jan. 9 – Make up on March 12
Snow day 5 – Jan. 21 – Make up on May 27
Snow day 6 – Jan 23 - Make up on May 28
Snow day 7 – Feb 5 - Make up on May 29
(Snow day 8) – May 30
(Snow day 9) – June 2
(Snow day 10) – June 3

Dates to Remember

February 12- Family Health and Wellness Fair at Castlio

February 14 -No School/PD Day
February 17- No School

February 26- Miss Fehr out
February 28 -Early Release Day
March 4 & 6 -Conferences
March 13-21 -Spring Break

March 27 -Field Trip to Busch Wildlife
April 18 -No School
May 26 -No School

May 29- Last Day of School

Cough Drops

If you send cough drops with your child to school, please send a note informing me that I have permission to give your child the cough drops. The cough drops are kept at my desk.

Going Home

Please send a note or email me if your child is going home a different way. If I don't receive notification of a change, I am required to send them home the way they usually go home. I cannot take your child's words that there is a change. I have to have documentation from a legal guardian.