News From Mrs. C

Our class news for the week of Dec. 3rd-7th

Tidbits From the Teacher

We seem to have gotten back into the swing of things after a few days of Thanksgiving vacation. We're going to be going fast and furious for the next few weeks since the end of the nine weeks will occur the same day as our winter party.

Early release is next week and there will be mandatory homework jobs on the next two homework assignments. They should be fun and I hope your child enjoys completing them.

We enjoyed Creation Station time on Friday, November 30th as an extra privilege for earning 25 class star cards. The kids had a blast creating something new out of old or recycled items. It was wildly fun to watch them use their imaginations and work together to create projects. I had several sock puppet creators, super heroes, maraca makers (one is pictured), and fashion designers!

Things to Return

-Homework on Monday

-Brown Santa gift if you want to give

Dates to Remember

Dec. 5th- Early Release

Dec. 8th- Chilling in Candy Land from 11-2pm

Dec. 17th- Mrs. Caldwell's birthday!!

Dec. 20th- Holiday Party @ 9:15-10:30 AND last day of school for 2012!

Dec. 21-Jan. 6th- Student Holiday

Jan. 7th- First day of school for 2013!!

What We'll Be Learning...

Math- We are going to be working with the Bridging to 10 addition strategy. Bridging to 10 simply means looking to see if a 10 could be made then the leftovers are added in. 8+5=? Well we could take two of the fives and make a 10 with the 8. That would leave 3 so 10+3 is 13. 8+5 is 13. It just another mental strategy for figuring out math facts quickly.

Science- We are going to be talking about magnets! Our big question will be "How are magnets used in everyday life?" You can get a jump start on this by talking with your children about things around the house that are magnetic.

Writing- We've been using our writing time to research and collect important information about Famous Americans. We will spend a few days polishing up our power points then we'll move into free writing time.

Reading- We are going to be spending quite a bit of time on main idea. This is a big concept for second graders and we'll practice it for the rest of the year. Homework for this week will have a main idea project that must be completed as a homework choice. We'll learn how to figure out the main idea and give important details to support the main idea.

Spelling/Handwriting- Spelling groups are becoming smooth and easy to manage. Everyone better understands their daily work and I'm excited to see and hear students applying the spelling rules to their writing or finding similar words in their reading! Handwriting practice has started paying off! I've noticed an increase in handwriting control and pencil grip. Students are trying to work carefully on assignments so I can punch another spot on their club cards!

Class Wish List

-Target gift cards to purchase writing supplies that students request (colored copy paper, staplers, tape dispensers, tape, writing pens in a variety of colors...)

-dry erase markers

-more dry erase board erasers