My Smore Flyer

Analyizing viola

Viola's Identity -1

viola who believed lost her brother decided to dress like a man because she knew she could pull it off because she was lost and know she had a better chance getting a job if she was perceived as a man. she thinks she is very brave and strong, because she had basically lost everything she had left and she is going to try and totally nail this opportunity that has been given to her. she think she is basically her brother due to the fact she is his twin. I also would say she thinks she is intelligent because she is floating right on by with everyone and no one suspects a thing that viola is actually a women.

Viola's Gender-1

When viola lost her brother in the boat wreck. she was lost and thought of a smart idea to dress up like a man like her twin brother because she knew she could pull such a thing off. she did this because women back then didn't get treated as equals as men did. basically being a men gave them an overall advantage because they could get more jobs and get to do things women are not allowed to do. she knows if she is shown as a women it puts her in danger from any sick or drunken man who decided they would hurt her just because but as a man it doesn't really have that same danger she would as a a man she was able to get closer to other men and talk and hear things men wouldn't dare to say around other women. she is only able to do so much though. she was chosen to be a servant and there fore she cant really have 100% of her freedom because she is not allowed or it would just blow her cover of her not really being a man.

Viola's Perception-1

Olivia has fell in love with viola due to the fact Olivia thinks viola is a boy and apparently a good looking boy to attract Olivia attention like that and as Orsino's servant Orsinos really trust viola and would tell viola things he would not normally tell anyone. When Orsino found out viola was really a female he said " so you're free now. i'm offering you my hand in marriage because of your loyal service to me, which was far from what any women should be expected to do, especially a noble woman. you've called me "master" for so long. And now you'll be your master's mistress." ( act 5, scene 1, 310, pg.237)

Viola's similarites and differences-1

things that I have in common with viola is that we both can be loyal to people we feel are important to us. another thing is I would say sometimes I can come up with a good idea in a tuff situation just like when viola did when she came ashore from the ship wreck and she knew she wasn't safe and her chances of survival were not so great so she decided to dress like a man because she really could pull it off. and it would get her on her feet and be able to adapt to her new home. things that are different is the obvious that Viola is a female and I am a male. another thing is that Viola has a brother and I how ever do not have a single brother but have three sisters. I was also never in a situation were I had dressed as the opposite sex to fit in with my environment. viola's dad had passed away unfortunately, but thankfully my dad is still around.


Viola thinks she is a really good soccer player and believes she is better than most of the boys in her school who play soccer. she doesn't see her self all girly like. she almost feels apart of the guys when she dressed up and started hanging with the dudes. in Violas brothers school, she had dressed up as a boy to make everyone believe that she is a boy and trying not to blow her cover. Viola is was shown to be determined to become a great soccer player as a girl and be a good guy friend to orsino at the same time until she believes it is time for her to explain she is.

Viola's Gender-2

viola was on a soccer team for girls in school but they got cut off so no longer could they play and at the same time her brother was going to London for his band. he asked viola to find a way to keep him in school and make sure mom and dad would not find out he has been gone. so viola came up with dressing as her brother since they look very alike and dressed as a boy and tried out to the boys soccer team. she makes sure her family knows she is not off dressing like her brother and in school she does not let anyone know she is really a female.

Viola's Perception-2

viola's mother sees her as a improper lady and thinks she is basically a tom boy. Moonic who is Sebastian's girlfriend is a crazy spoiled little snotty brat who is totally disgusted by viola she doesn't like her due to the fact she is more mainly than a women in her eyes. Olivia falls in love with viola because she thinks viola is a boy and thinks that viola is a cute sweet sensitive guy who is so different than all the other guys she ever dated and met. duke orsino at first he knows viola as his roommate Sebastian. at first thinks viola is a nerdy weird weakling. but then starts to idolize him once he saw how smooth he was rolling around campus. then start being great friends until he saw the real Sebastian kissing his crush so he was furious with Sebastian. later discovered viola was viola and the two of them fell in love and became best friends.

Viola's Similarties and differences-2

things I share in common with viola is first of all, my mom and dad has been divorced just like viola's parents were and her and I both live with our mom with our sibling. viola is into sports and im into sports.when I was 5, my older sister decided to dress me up as a girl.(keep this lowkey teachers) and viola dressed up as her opposite sex as well. things we have that are different is that she plays soccer but I play football, as in American football. viola has a brother but I only have three sisters but I only live with the one sister. now if I dressed up as a girl today I would hope I would still be noticed as a dude trying to dress up as a girl but viola could pull off dressing as a boy without anyone suspecting a thing. viola is cool with skipping school for so long but I on the other hand would love to skip school but I could not risk skipping school especially two weeks.