information on Russia

  • The tourist destination that people visit in Russia is, Trans-Siberian Railway, Valley of Geysers, Kizhi Island, the St Sophia Cathedral,and the Novgorod
  • The type of government that Russia has Federal Republic
  • The area of land that they got is 6.602 million sq miles
  • The currency of money used in Russia is Russian Ruble
  • The capital is Moscow

Extra info on Russia

  • Did you know that Russia is bigger than Pluto
  • 77% of Russia is made up of Siberia
  • Russia there are 9 million more women than men
  • Did you even know that beer was not considered an alcoholic beverage in Russia until 2013
  • Wealthy Russian will hire fake ambulance to beat the traffic in Moscow
  • The apple is worth more than entire Russia stock market
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