Wiley Gives Back!

Update/Reminder for Tuesday 12/15/2015

Food and Water Awareness


Bring in a canned food/nonperishable food item to donate.


Interfaith Food Shuttle/Backpack Buddies


Zero Hunger

Show your Spirit!

CRAZY MISMATCH DAY (Including Hair!)

Meal times are wonderful times to connect with one another. Mix it up at lunch! Sit with someone you don't know well.

Water Warriors

Water Local

Water Watchers

Water Global

We are Wiley 5th Graders

Students in the 5th grade read the book A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park. Students immersed themselves in the Global Matrix (Investigate the World, Recognize Perspectives, Communicate Ideas, and Take Action) using a variety of print and digital media to explore global issues ranging from refugees, to education, to water quality. A co-teaching team (Classroom, Special Education, and AIG teachers) facilitated a rigorous critical thinking, creativity and self-discovery unit. Societal and environmental issues exposed in the book allowed students to explore other countries facing similar issues. Collaboratively, students took action by designing campaigns promoting local and global outreach opportunities.

ELA Core 1 - Focused on Education (local and global)

ELA Core 2 - Focused on Refugee's (children and families)

ELA Core 3 - Focused on Water (local and global)