A Stolen Life

by Jaycee Dugard

A book of life changing memories of an eleven year old.


This book is about the hardship in Jaycee Dugard's life. At eleven years old she will go thorough some experiences no one will ever face in their lives. She was like any average eleven year old who loves her family and going to school. One morning in South Lake Tahoe, California young Jaycee Dugard was walking to the bus stop. She blacks out and was dragged into a car. She was tazed by Nancy Garrido. Jaycee's kidnapper was Phillip Garrido, a known sex offender. She wakes up 120 miles away from home, but Jaycee has no clue where she is and whats going on. Jaycee doesn't know that she will be spending the next eighteen years of her life in a shed hidden in the Garrido's backyard. There Jaycee is used as a sex slave and nothing more. She is abandoned and lonely. Two years after her kidnap Jaycee starts having children. Her first child at age thirteen and the next a few years later. Spoiler Alert!!! Jaycee is found and clueless about her real identity and where she is. She has reunited with her family but still faced the ugly past with noises, smells and sites.

"It's the most horrible thing in your life time ten"


I decided to chose this book because my mom read it and told me it would be a good learning experience. I also like books about ones life and how they overcome something much bigger than just a mistake. My favorite part is Jaycee reuniting with her family and I love the very beginning when she dedicates the book to Phillip Garrido just because he needs to know what he did was wrong. My opinion of this book is heart wrenching, just hearty wrenching. The details and imagery is the scariest experience i could imagine. I love how throughout the book Jaycee was positive and always looking for a reason to be smiling. I know if I were in that situation I wouldn't be smiling. Overall, I give this book a four out of five because although it was a great book it did give me the shivers and I did cry. It was scary as a young girl hearing that there are actually people out in this world like that. I recommend this book to mature teens and adults.
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A Stolen Life by Jaycee Dugard Book Trailer