By Ebony Hodge

I have learn't about..... Friendships, Peer pressure & social media


friendship groups can effect you and can take its toll on you. Being with someone who is constantly negative can make you start to feel negative to. being around someone who is positive and supportive will make you feel more confident and good about yourself :D


I have only ever heard of peer pressure and i wasn't entirely sure on what it was and the affects it can have on you.

Peer's are people your age group and they may pressure you into something you don't want to do, therefore peer pressure. Peer pressure is most common in the teenage years.

Giving in too peer pressure is part of human nature but their are people who will give in more easily and there are people who will stand their ground.


Social media can effect your mental well being. Cyber bullying is one of the most common forms of bullying and harassment nowadays. I'm not sure why bullies think that its OK to bully people on the internet its just as serious if not more, then bullying someone face to face, your teachers and parents may not have the same access to your Facebook pages or social media sites that you may use, making it harder to find out about any bullying that you may be a part of as either the victim or the bully. No matter where you are you are always connected even if your computer access has been taken away at home, your friends have phones that you could use, library's etc.