Honoring Our Veterans

Learning the Meaning Behind the Pledge of Allegiance

Veterans Day 2015

Each morning we stand and say the Pledge of Allegiance. In all honesty I really doubted, from the lack of HEART they said it with that it really had any true meaning. So what better way to show our patriotism and honor the veterans, who have helped to make us the great country we are, than to learn the meaning behind the words in the Pledge.

We watched a Youtube Video of someone explaining the meaning of each word or phrase in the Pledge. We discussed the meaning of the words and phrases and then the students were assigned a part to learn and recite. I was SUPER proud of them for accomplishing this project in about an hour and half. PRETTY AWESOME GROUP OF STUDENTS!

I am looking forward to seeing 25 awesome students saying the Pledge each morning understanding what they are saying and what it means to be a Proud American.

The Meaning Of The Pledge of Allegiance by Mrs. Ayers' 4th Graders