De-clutter & Activate Your Life!


Being organized WILL improve your life!

  • Whether there's clutter in your kitchen, closets, bedroom, office..

  • If you waste time and energy looking for things

  • You're not as productive as you wish to be

  • Feel "stuck" and don’t know where or how to begin getting back on track

  • You feel overwhelmed by the amount of "things" you need to do

Whichever level of organization you need, we are here to help!

"You don't realize how your environment affects your peace of mind until someone comes in and shows you. My Simply Spacial Organizing Consultant made me feel completely comfortable and was not judgmental of any mess." - Karen S.

Activate Your Potential!

Hi, I'm Kim!

Founder of Simply Spacial Organizing.

I've seen how organizing changes a persons life dramatically. It gives my clients more time and energy to focus on the things that are most important to them. Being organized promotes relaxation and inner peace; increasing happiness and decreasing stress.

I created Simply Spacial Organizing to start an organizing revolution. To educate people on the importance of being organized and teach them the tools to become organized and stay organized.

I hope you'll join the revolution; taking control of your belongings, your productivity and your life. Designing a life that you desire!