Soil Damage in Zimbabwe


Trees are being cut down to make room for farms and without the trees soil is slipping away. Also Cattle have been over grazing, choping all the grass and small plants down like a lawn mower. Also the Zimbabwe farmers have been using way to much pesticidces

What is Soil Dammage?

When farmers plant in the same place, or let cattle over graze the particular part of the soil suffers nutrition defiency therefore the soil cannot be used until the nutrition has been restored. Heavy rainfalls or drought over a long period of time can alter this.


Programs for farmers that Taught about how much pesticides and crop rotation. Teracing on hills, so soil doesnt erode. Taking their cattle to diffrent places each day to allow the soil to repair itself. These could all help repair the soil. Are current project is sending local farmers to educate the Zimbabwen farmers.


Some of big sponsers are NASA and Bill Gates. The Heart of Zimbabwe is also sponserd by some local buisness, and from everday citizens like you. We will be using your funding to send farmers from the United States to teach them to irrigate and use pesticides properly.



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The Heart of Zimbabwe

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