Opposite Ball

Opposite Of The Way You Throw Ball By: Evan Moreno

Opposite Ball

This ball is the craziest and best product on the market. You can throw it the opposite way, you can throw it down and it goes up! You can even throw it straight and it will come back. So when you have no one to play with the ball will come back to you.

-Evan Moreno 2nd Period

A Few Of Our Products

Best Sports Place On The Planet

This is the best place on the planent. You can buy every sports item you can imagine in the world in this place. This place is unbelievable, I have never been to a better place than this. It is my favorite place ever.

Adress- 7849 Sports Road

Website- Www.oppositeball.com

Phone number- 1-800-789-1096



Free shirts!

Saturday, June 8th 2013 at 2pm

7849 Sports Road

We will have free shirts with every purchase of the opposite ball. These shirts will be made with cool design and you can pick. You could do a sport shirt or dress shirt, it's a great deal.

New Example

We will show a commercial of how our product works. It will be so awesome that after everyone sees it, they will need to buy it.

Opposite Ball

These are so fun to play with, you can do anything with these products. There unbelieveable.