Lakeview Arrival and Dismissal

September 21, 2017

Dear Lakeview Families,

As a campus we all falling into our routines and loving every minute with your children. I know our arrival and dismissal has caused some frustration for our parents. In order to keep our students safe and to help parents better understand our procedures, here are a few reminders.


In the morning, there are two entrances into Lakeview. If you arrive at Lakeview from the "Tom Thumb" side of Village Trail, please pull into the first driveway and drop your student or students off at the back of the school. We have staff present who can help your student unload and come into the school. Once you have dropped off your student, you will exit Lakeview by making a left onto Village Trail (this avoids parents blocking the front drive entrance).

If you are entering from the direction of the soccer fields, you will turn left into our front drive, unload your student, and then make a right onto Village Trail (to avoid blocking the driveway to the back loop).

In addition - Please do not drop off students in the side parking lot (nearest to the art room and gym)- this area is for staff parking and we do not have staff present to supervise students when they are dropped off in that location.

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As our campus numbers have continued to grow, we have had to find new ways to get all of our students dismissed safely and in the right direction. For that reason, we have our students who walk home exit the side of the building in the direction of where they walk to after school. Students who walk home towards Tom Thumb exit our Art Room hallway. Students who walk home towards the soccer fields exit our 3rd grade hallway.

Students who ride a bus (district or after school care) exit the front of the building and are escorted by a staff member to their appropriate bus.

Students who are car riders are led to the back of the building to be loaded into parent cars at dismissal.

For our students who are labeled as walkers, but don't actually walk home, they exit out the appropriate side of the building and then are greeted by their parents to be taken home. We should not have any parents pulling into the front parking lot and not walking to meet their child. Children are not released to meet a parent in the parking lot. If you are picking up your child, you will need to park and then walk to greet your student.

Thank you!

I know that we all want our students to be safe when arriving or leaving our campus. The expectations we have in place will work if ALL parents follow the directions. I know it can be frustrating sometimes, but if we remember that the purpose is to get our students to school safely, then it will be much smoother for everyone involved. Thank you!