Looking for a Summer Job?

The search is definitely OVER!

We all know that TEACHERS ARE GIVERS

Teaching is a profession that requires you to give so much of yourself, often times for so little in return. Teachers are nurturers and find genuine fulfillment in the little "ah-ha" moments and the learning that takes place in their classrooms on a daily basis. They generally don't ask for much in return.


Being an educator myself, I know that it isn't easy to find other sources of income, since our hours are pretty tied up and let's face it, we are EXHAUSTED at the end of our day! However, our career field has become increasingly unstable and filled with anxiety resulting from looming PAYCUTS and LAYOFFS.

Recently I found myself with a need to find extra ways to make up for the wages I have lost over the last couple of years. Not more than a year ago, I learned about Rodan and Fields Dermatologists from a good friend and fellow teacher. I quickly saw that partnering with the doctors who created Proactiv was a smart business decision and offered an amazing opportunity!

In part time hours, around my full-time teaching job, I have been able to build a business that is exceeding my financial goals. The best part is, I am using the same skills that have helped me in education to teach other people to do the same thing for themselves. I've learned that many teachers have been very successful in this business... and I know you could too!

If you are an educator, I hope you will take a hard look at this business!

What are your plans for the summer?

This opportunity could change your life forever. I can say it has for me!

Check out a few TEACHER success stories:

Sarah Robbins

A kindergarten teacher by trade, my friend and fellow Michigan teacher, Sarah Robbins started selling Rodan and Fields products, first in the retail sector and then through direct sales, part time, alongside her full-time teaching career. By the end of that school year, she was able to retire from teaching. Shortly after, she retired her successful entrepreneur husband, Phil, to work alongside her. Almost three years into the official launch of the company, they now earn a seven figure annual residual income and Sarah is the top earner for Rodan and Fields! They've also started a foundation for women and children that they fully fund through their business.

You have to watch her video - very empowering!

Sarah Robbins Rodan + Fields Success Story

Linda Lackey Ray

Teaching was a major part of Linda Lackey' Ray's life for 21 years. This Amarillo Texas native loved her work, but she always knew if she found a powerful entrepreneurial opportunity, she would go for it. With two daughters - one a teenager approaching college age and the other a toddler - Linda needed another source of income to cover her daughter's college expenses. So, when she discovered Rodan and Fields, she immediately recognized the potential and jumped in. After only 10 months as an Independent Consultant, Linda tripled her monthly teaching salary, left her career in education, is paying off some debt, saving for both girls' college, and has earned a new Lexus.

Elizabeth Guess

Elizabeth began her career as an English and Writing teacher in Texas. In Early 2011, when Elizabeth and her husband, Taylor, decided to expand their family she was fortunate to have been introduced to Rodan and Fields. She decided to jump into the business headfirst and give it her all! She says, "In the beginning, my Rodan and Fields earning allowed her to pay for her daughter's preschool and also allowed her to sponsor underprivileged children." But she says, "now it has turned into so much more!"

Elizabeth is proud to say that this year she is using her earnings to contribute financially to her family and provide full year scholarships to students at a newly opened beauty training school in Kigali. She says, "Because of Rodan + Fields, I am able to help give these women a real chance for a future," Elizabeth’s dedication to working her business for this cause has also paid off personally; in addition to being able to raise her family on her own terms, she has earned many luxurious trips too! Elizabeth can’t wait to see her team members hit these milestone achievements as well. "I love that I’m able to help my fast-growing team meet their goals and see their dreams fulfilled through this business," she says. "With Rodan + Fields, I know the sky is the limit for us."

The same characteristics and skills you use daily are the skills that made these success stories!

  • Rodan and Fields consultants need good communication skills
  • Rodan and Fields consultants need good at time management skills
  • Rodan and Fields consultants need you good leadership skills
  • Rodan and Fields consultants need dedicated learners

Are you getting it?

Teachers already have these skills and could be AWESOME Rodan and Fields Consultants!

So... Don't doubt yourself!

I didn't know the first thing about direct sales OR business ownership when I started with Rodan and Fields, but if you can run a classroom, you really CAN DO JUST ABOUT ANYTHING!!

Do you feel like you might deserve more?

If you are looking for "something more", let's set up a time to talk business. I am committed to finding and training like-minded teachers and other individuals who know what an amazing gift this opportunity is. I know how this business has changed my life and I can't wait to share it with others and watch it transform their lives too!

This summer, I pledge to lock arms with you so your business will be rolling by the time school starts in the fall.

I haven't even mentioned that your skin will look GREAT as well!

Visit my website www.180yourface.com and let's chat about the possibilities!

5th Grade Teacher & Rodan and Fields Independent Consultant

Renee Juhl