Paul Revere

By: Seraphine Grady

Important facts

One important fact is Paul Revere had 9-12 children to take care of. The second one is he had a interest in the issue of America. number three is Paul had slipped past guards during his ride

Family life

Paul Revere was very native back then. Paul grew up with native friends around his neighborhood. After Paul got to about 15 he set out on his own.

Famous for

Paul Revere is famous for his midnight ride. Did you know Paul revere set up his ride. Paul rode his horse to prove he was a patriot.

Role in the Revolution

Paul Revere's role in the revolution was he set up his the revolution. He started the revolution to prove he was a patriot.

Life after the Revolution

Paul's life was great, he was rich. He took care of his family,he was a wealthy man.