World Literature II Honors

2013-2014 Course Expectations

Course Description

Honors World Literature II requires students to complete all of the work in the regular World Literature II course, as well as additional supplemental activities that extend learning. To gain honors credit and the affiliated elevated grade point value, students are required to “stay on pace”, completing an average of one lesson per day to finish each 45-lesson part with all required coursework submitted in 9 weeks or fewer.

Prior to beginning Honors World Literature II, students must meet with school staff to determine if they are a good fit for an honors-level program, and to establish start and end dates to ensure pacing requirements are met.

This course is designed to expand the student’s knowledge of great works of literature from around the world, while helping them develop the skills to be able to analyze and respond to the literature in greater depth. The course is divided into four distinct parts, each consisting of three, fifteen-lesson units. Each of the units is based around a central theme as outlined below. Students will find graded assessments after each lesson and an exam at the end of each unit of the course.

Course Syllabus

Please view the class syllabus now. Click here.

Meet Your Instructor

I am Mrs. Goforth, and I will be your teacher for this course. I currently teach American Literature and World Literature II/Common Core Grade 10 for the English department here at PASC. I earned my BA in English from Anderson University in Anderson, SC. I love to cook, read, and learn. I currently live in Anderson, SC with my husband and son. I look forward to working with you!

Important Information to Note:

If you have a question, feel free to call/text. If I do not answer, leave a message and I’ll call you back by the end of the following day.

If you email me during my work hours, more than likely you will hear from me that day. If you email when I’m not “working”, you will most likely not get a response until the next day.

*Your writing assignments will usually be graded within 72 hours (not including weekends) of being submitted. Research papers may take one week.

Please click here to view the school calendar! Please note: When there is a holiday, you probably won't be able to reach me, and I may not be grading anything that day. Make sure you take a look at the calendar to know those dates.

Check your email daily!

I will email you many, many times to discuss many of the following things:


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Lesson Recordings/Seminar Information

If you don’t check your email daily, you won’t know what you are missing.

Also, make sure you EMAIL ME or CALL ME or TEXT ME when you need help. Don’t wait for me to reach out to you first. Be your own advocate. It’s essential in online learning.

Seminar Recordings

Seminar Recordings Google Doc:

Once a month, we will have a live seminar. I will email you information about the time and place of the seminar in advance so you can plan accordingly. These seminars will be very important for your to attend and will be counted as Extra Credit! Click here to access the Google Doc that contains the seminar recordings.

The Seminars will be in one of the following classrooms:

Mrs. Goforth’s Classroom:

Mrs. Ackerman’s Classroom:

The 1st and 3rd nine weeks seminars will be held in Mrs. Ackerman's classroom. The 2nd and 4th nine weeks seminars will be held in my classroom. You will be reminded of this worries!

Course Breakdown

This course has 4 parts. Each part consists of 45 lessons. Each part is broken into the same unit pattern:

o Unit 1: 15 Lessons with assessments

o Unit 1 Exam

o Unit 2: 15 Lessons with assessments

o Unit 2 Exam

o Unit 3: 15 Lessons with assessments

o Unit 3 Exam

Deadlines and Pacing

Part 1: Due October 21st

  • 1-2 Lessons/Day or 5 per Week

Part 2: Due January 14th

  • 1-2 Lessons/Day or 5 per Week

Part 3: Due March 24th

  • 1-2 Lessons/Day or 5 per Week

Part 4: Due June 4th

  • 1-2 Lessons/Day or 5 per Week

Plagiarism Policy

Please understand that plagiarism is something that will not be tolerated. Please view the PASC plagiarism policy by clicking here.


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