Raquel Davila, Daisy Rojas


Males are expected to portray very masculine characteristics, such as being proud, possessive, and in control of their romantic relationships, and sometimes revengeful. Latino men are expected to represent machismo (being strong, the providers of the family, courage, honor, and pride.) The process of achieving machismo may include such things as fighting, alcohol consumption, and sexual pursuits in an attempt to demonstrate a higher level of masculinity.


Latino females, on the other hand, are expected to demonstrate marianismo, which is the complete opposite of machismo. Marianismo emphasizes chastity, premarital virginity, obedience and submissiveness to males, and care giving of family members. Latino females tend to delay any involvement in early forms of dating, such as associating with a dating partner and friends.

Parent influence

Parents play an important role in the intimate relationship formation patterns of their children. Previous researchers suggests that parental control, monitoring, and supervision of their claim adolescents influence their dating and behaviors.The norms of the larger American culture differ substantially from those held dear within the Latino community.Latino parents may therefore have difficulty imprinting their culture's traditional values on their children as children become more acculturated to the American society. Daughters are protected from possible sexual encounters by either keeping them at home or chaperoning activities outside of the home, sheltering them away from any bad thing that can possibly happen.

The Differences between Cuban and American Relationships

For instance, here we have Sadie Hawkins dance, were originally the girl is supposed to ask the guy and pay for everything. But in Cuba, it is not accepted for the woman to take charge in any aspects of the "relationship".