Grace Gundersen 8

indirect and direct

Indirect: He is a man because they never say that he is.

page 351 the black and white picture. he is a human because he talks and acts like one. page 348.

Direct: some direct appearances are that he is 37 years old. page 347

He is not very smart because he says it a lot.

Indirect: he has a very bad relationship with he 'friends' Joe and Frank. on page 363

Direct: he likes his relationship with Mrs. Kinniian on page 356.

indirect: He doesn't think very high of him self trough out the whole book.

Direct: At the beginning of the book he thinks the operation didn't work.

indirect: He doesn't use very big complicated words at the beginning.

Direct: at the beginning his words were he doesn't like the raw shok test on page 348.

Indirect: his actions would be that he doesn't know how to spell you have to figure it out on your own on page 347.

Direct: would be that he goes to work and then to the hospital on all of the pages.