My GC Portal Password Change

You can now change your password through MY GC PORTAL

No need to call the helpdesk for a forgotten password!

Did you forget your password for your computer? Need access to your My GC PORTAL? Now you can change your password and your password questions from your My GC Portal.

Step 1: Login to your GC Portal

My GC Portal

Step 2: Fill out your Security Questions

Fill out your security questions. This will prompt you the next time you login to Portal. Make sure you remember them and pick answers that only you can answer.

Question 3 - The drop-down for Question 3 is blank. You make up your own question and answer.

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Step 3: Forget your password?

Go to your GC Portal page and click the Reset Password under Additional Links.
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Step 4: Fill out identity and questions

Step 5: Update Password

Password must be 8 or more characters, have a capital, lowercase, and numbers. It can't be a previous password or contain any parts of your full name.
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Update your Portal Security Questions

If you forgot the answers to your security questions....

Please call the TMS helpdesk so we can reset your password. 281-420-4633