Ms. Cheang's Kindergarten Class

About Me

I am a first grade teacher at Elmer's Elementary. I have been teaching for 10 years now. I graduated from the University of Houston. I have taught second grade for the first 5 years of my career and I have been teaching Kindergarten for 5 years now. I truly enjoy working with younger children and I have decided to work with Kindergarten because I want to make sure that these students have a stable educational foundation. I want to inspire these students and help them succeed in their future education. I really enjoy all subjects and like to keep the students engaged through various activities.


We have been reviewing over sight words "I", "Can", "The", "Am", "We", "Like", and "A". The letter of the week is "P". Please review with your child how to write this letter as well as what sound it makes. We have also been reviewing the letters "M", "N", and "O". Photo Citation


We have been focusing on the numbers 0-5 by counting and comparing these numbers.They are reading and writing numbers 0-5. The students are learning how to distinguish and create patterns. Photo Citation


They are learning how to grow different plants. We have been focusing on the theme fall, so we are learning about leaves and how or why leaves change colors. We are learning about the process of a pumpkin growing. Photo Citation

School-Wide Activities

  • We will be having a choir concert on October 10th.
  • Picture Day is October 20th, please make sure to send in picture payment orders with your child the day of Picture Day.
  • There will be a field trip to Wunderlich Farms on October 30th. The students will get to see how pumpkins grow and will be bringing a small pumpkin home. Photo Citation