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Newspaper Project by Jordyne Eades

Advice column

Dear Jordyne,

I have a love for computers and hacking but I have a small issue. It causes mass problems for me and my family what should I do? I don't want to end my hobby. I just love hacking so much.

Tech Addict (Sam Wilson)

Well it seems your problem is quite serious Tech Addict. I'm sure you don't have to stop unless the problem gets too serious. Try keeping your hacking in moderation maybe once or twice a month. Another option is doing small hacks and tricks. I hope some of these suggestions were taken into consideration Tech Addict.



Studies show that this hair washing robot could be brain washing humans? The victims of this robot have been noticed by friends,family,and neighbors acting strange? "I feel like i'm loosing someone dear, to a robot" quoted by multiple victims family and friends. Sadly we have captured a victim in this picture in the process of being taken from his own thoughts. Soon he will be just another pawn of this robots unknown plan. Maybe this evil robotic mastermind plans to take over the world turning us all into its mindless zombies. Who is the next victim? We may not know until the end of our sanity. Well have more on this story in next weeks issue.
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Brain Jack movie is a must for all teens!!!

"Technology must be like oxygen: ubiquitous,necessary and invisible". -Unknown

Did you hear the news? If not, Brain Jack by Brian Falkner is becoming a movie,still with the same name Brain Jack. The story follows main character Sam Wilson a hacker still in high school, but Sam's hacker hobby gets him in some real trouble. Like problems in the White House and a prison. Find out more in the new movie Brain Jack and follow Sam in this action filled cyber movie.


Are you a hacker or cyber wiz try your luck to see if your qualified to work in the CDD. Cyber Defense Division. Defend all top secret cyber issues within the government. Please submit your resumes to 1606 Wallberry Lane's second mail box between any time frame on weekdays. From the 18-24 of June. Please call in at the number 214-367-1800 to schedule interview times on any weekday possible.
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