Dietary Guidelines

Savannah witcher

What do dietary guidelines do for america ?

Health risk ? Using to many medications or over the counter pills.

define diet ? a particular selection of food, especially as designed or prescribed to improve a person's physical condition or to prevent or treat a disease

Getting enough nutrients within your calorie needs .

4 factors that determiners your needed calories - Height , weight , gender, age

define nutrient-dense foods - More nutrients , less calories

How to maintain a healthy weight ?

risk factors - Loosing to much weight the wrong way

too much body fat ? Having to many body fat can cause diseases , and many health risk .

Not enough body fat ? Not enough cushion on your organs

2 ways to loose weight ? eating nutrient dense food , and physical activity


Being physical active everyday .

2 ways it helps - It keeps you busy , and keeps your body healthy

how much should a teen get ? Up to 60 min' a day

2 ways to get physical activity - join a gym , join a sport .

Importance of Grains , Fruits , veggies and milk .

3 reasons why there good - Grain helps with protien in your body , fruits and veggies give vitiams , and you need milk for calusim

2 health benefits - milk helps make your bones strong , and Fruit give your body vitiam

3 ways to get these foods in your diet - drink a glass or 2 of milk a day , eat fruit in the morning with your breakfast , with every meal have veggies

How to limit Fats and cholesterol

two unhealthy fats that hurt your cholesterol - Trans fats and Saturated fats

a disease that can occur from high fat diet - cardiovascular disease

How to achieve moderate fat intakes- about 20 pecent of your calories a day should be from fat .

Being choosy about Carbohydrates

Food with nartual sugar - honey , fruit , milk products ,

Food with added sugar - candy , Cake , cookies

Why you limit sugar intake - Sugar turns into fats .

Reduce sodium and Increase potassium

How does sodium benefit your body ? Maintains blood pressure

Disease causes/linked to sodium ? Excesses amounts can cause high blood pressure , and can lead to cardiovascular disease.

functions of potassium ? regulates water and minerals in your body .

Avoid alcohol

3 reason teen should avoid alcohol -

1. Doesn't allow them to make the right choices while intoxicated

2. effects your visual .

3.change your memory settings to long term , to short term .