Calling all Teachers!

What can your instructional coaches do for you?

What can we do for you?

Here are some ideas of things we can help you with...

  • Team teach or model teach a new strategy that you want to try in your classroom.
  • Planning a lesson or unit to reach high levels of student engagement in your subject area.
  • Analyze specific class data to differentiate instruction.
  • Do the research and provide ideas for differentiating instruction for all levels of learners.
  • Support with targeted and intensive interventions in reading, math, writing, and behavior.
  • Infusing assessment for learning strategies in your daily classroom activities
  • Analyzing classroom assessments to improve student performance in your class.
  • Gather resources on a topic that you teach.
  • Cover your classroom for you to observe or collaborate with another teacher.
  • Unit planning

Bottom line: Our job is to support you as a teacher in the classroom. If you have an idea of something you need, let us know!

What do we do?

  • Collaborate with school, district, and AEA personnel.
  • Serve as a resource to teachers/teams in identifying appropriate instructional and behavioral accommodations and modifications.
  • Assist school staff in gathering data and in examining assessment results to improve student achievement.
  • Share new ideas and model effective teaching strategies
  • Observe lessons and provide feedback
  • Assist school staff in explaining instructional or assessment issues to parents
  • Develop/lead and participate in professional learning as determined appropriate
  • Coordinate students involved in the RtI/MTSS process and assist in the deployment of interventions and accommodations
  • Meet on a regular basis with each house to discuss instructional issues and student achievement

Michelle Weber

Michelle taught 8 years in 7th grade science at Jefferson and is beginning her 3rd year as an instructional coach.

Great! Let's get started!

Contact either Michelle or Sandie and we will set up a plan together!