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Login Information

Username: firstname.lastname

Password: ccs12345

We will change your default password at first login

**This password does not sync with AD-You manage your own password**

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Sharing and Assigning

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Share with Students

Share “As-is”

  • teacher version(to colleague) or student version

  • link to paste in webpage

Add to Assignment

Select existing assignment or add to new assignment

Go to “Assignments” in top bar to edit instructions, select/deselect resources

Edit Task

Makes a copy first

Task Editor

Allows you to create, edit, and share new and existing performance and literacy tasks.

Classroom Integration Strategies

  • Independent Learning

  • Enrichment

  • Project Based Learning

  • Summative Assessment

  • Flipped Classroom

  • Interdisciplinary Unit/Cross-Curricular Teaching

Ashley Short, Technology Facilitator

Contact me with any questions!