Green Revolution

What is it?

What is the Green Revolution?

The Green Revolution is an agricultural movement that originated in 1943 by a man named Norman Borlaug. The purpose was originally to improve bio technology in order to produce a higher yield of crops on farms in third world countries. The green revolution spearheaded the modernization of agriculture, and helped reduce the rate of starvation and malnutrition decrease around the world. The green revolution is being supported by organizations like the Rockefeller Foundation due to its success in Mexico and India.
Norman Borlaug & The Green Revolution

Positive Aspects

  • Decreases amount of human labor.
  • Provides better management for the yields and pesticides and high-yield grains.
  • Capable of growing crops on a massive scale.
  • Makes plants resistant to pests and herbisides.
  • Can replant some crops without having to fallow.
  • Can grow any plant anywhere.
  • Farmers can grow and export cash crops for profit.