Te Aroha Primary School

Term 1 Week 6 2022

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Kia ora

Whew - what a week. As the virus takes a grip on our school I would like to publicly thank my staff for the awesome job they are doing in a time when uncertainty is ruling our daily lives. None of us have been here before so it is all a learning place. Some are not well, some have family with COVID and some have it themselves.

Your teachers are managing stressed students, parents and community and are still trying to give your children the best deal they can in all aspects of school life. I am totally indebted to their tenacity and perseverance. That is why I use chocolates as thanks - occasionally.

The swimming sports were awesome - well done, Megan…an excellent day. There will be lots of cool photos for you to look at.

Arty Student

Wow look at this amazing piece by a Arya in Room 6. I love the effort for the smaller detail - Well done!

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Parents and School policies / procedures

The best bedtime reading ever - stuff to dwell on… we have it all!

As you would have known or have guessed a school needs policies about everything involved with its operations. Some policy items are for parents, some for staff, some for the BoT, and some a combination of sectors.

In the next few days I will be sending a link to all parents on how to access our policies.

There will be a username and password which I will share with you all as there are reviews of some policies that require input from you. The message will be sent on the School App and Seesaw so you will be in the loop as soon as we can get you there.

Last week we had an incident where a new parent to the school did not follow expected protocol with interactions at school - the access to proper procedure will leave no uncertainty for parents who wish to be informed about any school procedures. Hence the move by management to ensure everyone has the opportunity to be fully informed. Watch out for the link later in the week!

Ka kite ano



Hot news…. FIREWOOD available - $100 cubic metre - delivered.

Well I’ll go to blazes - this is a flaming good bargain…:)

Drying for over a year, this wood will work well for you this winter. Beat the cold - bring on the warmth…

Please contact the office 07 884 8803 for details - delivery address, payment option etc

Senior School Reporters

A big THANK YOU to our Senior School Reporters for their photos and interviews.

Tessa, Taylin, Perryn, Morgan and Jahnaia (or those that were here) did a great job helping source photos and interviews for this edition of our school newsletter.



  • 14/4/2022 Last day of Term 1

  • 15/4/2022 Good Friday / Easter Break / School Holidays start


    • 2/5/2022 First day of Term 2 / Our new principal, Mr Justin Bertrand, starts with us.

    Other term dates to be advised.

    SPORTS NEWS - Mrs Paul

    Basketball: Hopefully you received the app alert on Friday saying that I had withdrawn ALL our teams. I profusely apologise to all those who were looking forward to it - those who were in their first year and last years I know are particularly gutted.

    Swimming Sports: What an awesome day we had - there was so much excitement and comradeship shown. On that day I was immensely proud to be a TAPS Teacher.


    This year, our swimming sports was smaller than usual but we are very thankful to Mrs Paul and the teachers who found a way for our school to have this amazing day!! There was awesome swimming and some close races. It was really thrilling to see students in the pool, giving their best . We hope all students who took part had a fun and exciting day at the pool. Thank you also goes to Mr Rasmussen, our swim club helpers and to the student helpers for getting things set up, and packed up, on the day.❤❤❤

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    PTA NEWS - We Need You!

    Reduced to single figures, this body of parents is vital to the school in many ways. They effectively help the school’s efforts in providing the best for your child - computers, play equipment, subsidised trips and much, much more.

    We need you…If you think you may be able to help out occasionally or have great ideas, please contact:

    Being Sunsmart at TAPS

    Hats are a required part of our school uniform in Term 1 and in Term 4. Hats need to be our official uniform ones with the school logo on the front. Children not wearing hats will be required to play in shady areas rather than out in the sun. If your child does not have a school hat, please contact Lucy in the office to arrange one.


    There is NO Technology at Te Aroha College again this week. Our students are to come to school as per usual. We appreciate your support and understanding with this.


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    Room 1 - Mrs Johnson

    Our Letterland work will be e, r and f and words that start with these letters. We are having a big phonological awareness drive in our class. Phonological awareness is a skill that allows children to recognize and work with the sounds of spoken language and it is the foundation for learning to read. I have included some information about this in your child's book bag today. In Maths we are working on number knowledge to 10, and some students to 20 . We are focussing on reading and writing numbers correctly and counting and comparing sets. Shared Reading, when students join in the reading of a book while guided and supported by the teacher, is part of our programme everyday.

    Room 1 Fantails (Piwakawaka) after reading Fantail, fantail by Margaret Mahy together.

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    Room 2 – Mrs McGhie

    Room 2 has had a very busy week. In maths we worked on adding numbers to 5 and general number knowledge. In writing the children wrote about things that they liked this week. It was awesome to see the children look around the room for the things that they liked and copy the spelling. Decoding is the focus in reading. The children are really working hard on sounding out words so that they can read their books independently. I will add some information into the children’s homework books so you can help with this at home. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me via Seesaw or email mmcghie@tearohaprimary.school.nz

    Have a great week.

    Room 3 – Miss Swan

    Kia ora koutou,

    Room 3 has been busy last week learning all about life cycles, how to use Seesaw independently and how to play Kaboom! We also had a very exciting event happen on Friday last week - our Monarch butterfly emerged from its chrysalis!
    Writing: We are working hard to remember our full stops and capital letters.
    Reading: This week will see some groups being assessed and homework will reflect this. Room 3 is working so well during rotations and can now do Word work independently!
    Maths: We are learning a new warm up game that will help us count on from the biggest number, and continue with our smaller group lessons that will focus on instant recall of addition problems and recognising two digit numbers.Reminders for the week:

    Things to bring everyday: Togs, a drink bottle, homework book and bookbags.

    Please remember to have your poem and library books back to school by Friday.
    You can contact me via Seesaw or email mswan@tearohaprimary.school.nz
    Stay safe whānau and have a wonderful week!

    Waihou Students at Work and Play!

    Waihou - Student Voice


    Room 4 - Mrs Willis and the Goldfields Team

    We look forward to returning to school next week.


    Room 5 - Miss Entwisle

    The students from Room 5 present on the day thoroughly enjoyed their first ever Senior Swimming Sports. I was super proud of how well they competed and am looking forward to seeing how they perform next year. In class we have made the most of our temporarily reduced class size to have 1-1 devices. We have been creating ‘pumped-up’ sentences and developing our ICT skills. We have been learning how to copy and paste text and how to move the cursor using the arrow keys to add in describing words. We are aiming to share our self-portraits via Seesaw when they are completed.

    Reminders: We are hoping to keep swimming till the end of the season. Our class is fortunate to swim at the end of the day when it is still quite warm, so keep sending those togs along to school. Our Spelling words and weekly poem are available on Seesaw for those who are keen to work on them at home.

    If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact Miss Entwisle via the school office: 078848803; email: mentwisle@tearohaprimary.school.nz or through the Seesaw message function.

    Room 6 – Mrs Bankier

    We have had a small class over the past few weeks. I am making our class learning digital so that if your child is needing to stay home to isolate they will still be able to continue with their learning. They will need to login to Google Classroom through Google at home. Please make contact with me if you have any difficulties.

    We will be continuing to swim for as long as possible so please keep togs and towels coming each day. Your child is able to get out if they are cold.

    Last week we created self portraits around the minecraft theme. We had to stick to the squares. We talked about multiplication and area while we were creating our pictures.

    Stay safe and please message me if you would like to make contact kbankier@tearohaprimary.school.nz or through Seesaw.

    Room 7 – Mrs Paul

    Wow! While we were busy hiding and working, Omicron found us and did some damage. The children in Room 7 have shown great resilience and determination to carry on. You would be proud of them. We are keeping things light hearted and working with smiles on our faces. We will continue to show little videos - thanks for the lovely comments. We do have so much work from last week left over to complete.

    Spelling is coming home every night. Please just tick the words when you have heard them, and send the book back each day. We are using our words in the classroom.

    Room 7 Abstract Self Portraits

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    Room 8 – Mrs McKenzie

    Kia ora everyone,

    A huge thank you to everyone in Room 8, and their families/whānau for showing such resilience in the last few weeks. Managing learning from home can be difficult and challenging, so I applaud the students for showing such motivation and eagerness to continue both from home and in-class. The constant smiles from students at school make the day so much brighter too. This week we are continuing the use of google slides and task boards for all students home learning, that way, they are not missing out on the day to day in-class learning as it is all interlinked and related. We do not expect students to be online all day, instead, reading, playing board games, baking/cooking and physical exercise are all important elements of learning too. We have started our Topic Inquiry and have some exciting projects planned for that. Students are expanding their reading skills through the use of questioning, predicting, visualising and inferring, and also relating our class novel to the descriptive and figurative language they are using in their writing. We are enjoying frisbee out on the field as a break from other curriculum areas. Frisbee teaches us to be team players, communicators and some skillful catching/throwing techniques. I look forward to the coming week. Messages from home are appreciated and I encourage them to be ongoing. If you want to communicate, you can message me on Seesaw; email cmckenzie@tearohaprimary.school.nz ; or at the school office on 078848803.

    Keep well and have a wonderful week. Mrs McKenzie

    Room 9 – Whaea Armstrong and Mrs Hodgetts

    Kia Ora Koutou,

    We would like to firstly thank you for all of your support over the last week. We appreciate you all doing your bit to help manage things during this difficult time. As we had very low numbers last week we will be facilitating home learning online. Using our home learning slides, learners will be able to locate set tasks and lessons will directly relate to what we are learning within the classroom. Students will access their work through their google drive and school emails. Our main focus will be literacy and numeracy, as well as topic work. Students will have ‘must do’ activities and some suggested ‘can do’ activities if they complete their set class work. Please keep an eye out for examples of the mahi we are doing on seesaw.

    We look forward to touching base with you all be it in person or online. If you want have any queries please message us over seesaw or email aarmstrong@tearohaprimary.school.nz or rhodgetts@tearohaprimary.school.nz

    Stay safe whānau and have an awesome week!

    Illustration completed by Tipare Korau

    Illustration completed by Tipare Korau

    Room 10 – Mrs B

    Kia ora koutou. ‘Ko te tumanako me haere tahi tatou’ Let us do this together.”

    Thank you for all the kind messages sent last week - this was really appreciated as we navigate this challenging time. Rm 10 is showing resilience and kindness and I am very proud of them. We have a very small class currently and so this week, learning tasks will be presented in an online format. This enables all Rm 10 students access to the tasks via their school email and google drive. There will be a literacy (comprehension strategies, class novel, report writing) and numeracy focus (number knowledge and addition and subtraction strategies) as well as topic activities for students to explore.

    For students who are in class, we will continue to swim each day. Our classroom is beginning to take shape with our super cool portraits on display.

    Here’s to an awesome week ahead. Keep safe and well everyone.

    Arohanui - Mrs B dp@tearohaprimary.school.nz


    School Lunches

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    We need these firms to keep our school cashflow and community relations going strong. They are generous to us which enables us to benefit your children so I would ask you look at the team of sponsors and where possible, use them as we all gain….

    Each week we will highlight 3 sponsors and provide a bit more detail …

    Taj Indian Restaurant (A big WELCOME to our newest sponsor)

    At Taj, our food and approach to cooking reflects our family’s proud history and traditions.

    Based on the northern Indian Punjabi-style, we combine the freshest local ingredients to create a fine of balance flavours.

    Using an authentic Tandoor clay oven to slowly cook all our meats in the perfect blend of herbs and spices, we bring the best Indian food has to offer, to create a dining experience that is sure to delight.

    Located in a relaxed setting in the picturesque township of Te Aroha we look forward to welcoming you soon.

    Manawaru Sandfill and Livestock Ltd


    Manawaru Sandfill & Livestock Ltd is the proven and trusted provider of sand fill, metals and fertiliser, as well as truck and excavation equipment hire, based right out of Te Aroha. Setup in 1996, our team has over 40 years combined experience, with some of the best drivers and equipment operators in Te Aroha and the surrounding Waikato region.

    Trusted by local business' for decades, we're your premium provider of quality truck and excavation equipment, and your provider of drainage and site work services, livestock cartage, and sand fill or metal supplies.

    Diprose Miller Chartered Accountants

    We are a Waikato-based chartered accounting firm who doesn’t just tick boxes, we look outside them.

    Ticking compliance boxes is important, but it’s not what excites us. Finding new and innovative ways for our clients to do business better and more efficiently and, as a result, improve the security and prosperity of their families, is our genuine passion.

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    School App, Facebook, Seesaw and our School Website

    Please use these tools we provide - we use them to alert, inform and effectively communicate with parents.

    Check it out - there is plenty for you to find out.

    If in doubt please ask your child’s teacher as we will be using these platforms on a regular basis to keep our parent community informed and up to date.