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Carter High School Library

Last Newsletter of the Year

As we close out the school year, the librarian's thoughts are all about getting materials back on time so that families are not burdened with textbook and library fines. In this issue, we'll look at deadlines and procedures that will keep the library running smoothly.

But keep reading to see our latest hot, new titles, too. Meg Cabot's long awaited sequel, Rememberance, is not to be missed!

Important Dates to Remember!

Monday, May 2nd

The library will open Monday morning before school and then CLOSE for the rest of the school year. Only the textbook center will be open for book returns. Students can return library materials after 3PM to the county library or to the county book drop.


Friday May 13th

Teachers, you should receive your end of the year check out form on this day. Soon after, we will send you an inventory of all the items that you must return or renew before you leave for the summer. Check it CAREFULLY and don't lose it. As soon as you are clear, we will be happy to sign you off.

Tuesday, May 24 to Thursday May 26 - ALL Textbooks are due!!!

During finals week, students return their textbooks directly to the textbook center, not the classroom. Some teachers may bring classes over during class time, but students are welcome to check in their books at the textbook center windows as early as 7 AM. We will also be open for about 30 minutes after school each day, take a lunch break, and then reopen until 3PM. Seniors will not be permitted on campus during lunch.

Friday, May 27th - Teacher Check Out Day

Teachers will finish returning or renewing any materials in their classrooms. Call ext. 28140 with questions. Teachers need to be sure to bring their completed inventory sheets to the textbook center to get signed out for the summer.

Final Reminders

Did you know we have textbooks in the library? You can't take them home, but you can use them to work on homework at the library tables. Be sure to bring your student ID to check them out.

Have you tried out the district's new subscription database yet? The URL has changed! Go to http://portal.bigchalk.com/portalweb/ to give it a spin. The username is 28-26821 and the password is bigchalk. There's an easy link to it on our library's Schoolloop page, too. If you would like training for your students, contact Mrs. Bryson at extension 28147.

Carter Branch Summer Reading Program

Even though the school library is closed, the Carter Branch of the San Bernardino County Public Library is OPEN! For May, hours are 3PM to 8PM Monday through Thursday, and 9AM to 5PM on Saturdays. In June, they will have extended hours and begin their exciting summer reading program! There will be fun and prizes for the entire family, so be sure to visit the library all summer long.