Falcon Flyer

Fall Creek Intermediate

July 31, 2017

Welcome from Mr. Schoeff

I am very excited to begin the 2017-18 school year at FCI! This marks the 20th year in our building. During those 20 years much has changed; however, one thing has remained consistent - our focus on helping every student grow and be successful!

FCI enrollment is in the 890 range, and we will have 18 fifth grade classrooms and 16 sixth grade classrooms. Please take time to read through information in the Falcon Flyer concerning the opening of school.

I look forward to seeing you at our Ice Cream Social on August 7th from 3:00-4:30pm. This is an informal time to stop in to find your classroom and enjoy an ice cream treat. There is no formal program. Opening day for students is Wednesday, August 9.

Enjoy your last few days of summer break!
Mr. Schoeff

IMPORTANT Beginning of Year Items

As your mind turns to the start of school, be sure to log into Skyward to complete all of the beginning of the year items this week. (e.g., contact info, health information, iPad rental, etc.)

The district will be sending a Skylert by the end of this week notifying you that your student's Skyward Family Access has been updated with their schedule and homeroom teacher.

Once you know your student's homeroom teacher, you can visit our website to determine which supply list to use. http://www.hse.k12.in.us/FCI/about/docs.aspx

Student's do not have to have all of their supplies on the first day of school. We ask that they come with the essentials the first week. (e.g., iPad (if not renting), notebook paper and pen/pencil, etc.)

Bus Information

Bus information will be available through Family Access in Skyward soon. You will receive a Skylert from the HSE Transportation Department when routes have been completed and information entered into Skyward.

For additional information related to district Transportation and expectations, please access the district website at: http://www.hse.k12.in.us/ADM/about/transportation.aspx.

Reminder: 1:1 Device Information

Our back to school forms are available for families to complete in Skyward’s Family Access. One of these forms is the iPad rental agreement for the upcoming year. Every elementary/intermediate/junior high school student is required to bring an iPad with them to school each day - more information on iPad specifications can be found here: https://hsek12inus-my.sharepoint.com/personal/kmoore_hse_k12_in_us/_layouts/15/guestaccess.aspx?guestaccesstoken=IsqzomN58kfAvDfXchgjfYS1tlG7AuXGwYEQCpHgW8I%3d&docid=0ae2a5b5528044f5dab6b0a7714140634.

We require all families to complete the iPad rental agreement in Skyward’s Family Access under the Online Forms section. On this form, families will specify whether they will be renting an iPad from the school or providing their own iPad.

In order for us to make sure we have the needed inventory, please complete the Online Forms in a timely manner.

Thank you,

Hamilton Southeastern Schools

Note: FCI iPad distribution is currently scheduled to take place on Thursday, 8/10.

Background Checks----Safe Visitor

Hamilton Southeastern Schools is committed to the wellbeing and safety of all of our students and campuses during the school day and extracurricular events. As part of our school safety plans, we require that all parent volunteers and visitors, who will interact with students, have a criminal history check and complete an anti-bullying webinar every three years.

We have upgraded our criminal-history-check process to be more efficient and enhance safety procedures at the building level. If your background check and anti-bullying training are still current (within the last three years), you will receive the following:

  • A Safe Visitor I.D. card. along with email notification, each approved applicant will receive an I.D. card with a special bar code that can be printed or scanned into your SMART device for easier access when visiting our campuses.
  • A photo badge will be issued at each visit. Upon presentation of your Safe Visitor I.D. card or valid driver’s license, office staff will assist you with taking your photo and issue a visitor’s badge if one is not already on file. The photo will be saved in our district-wide system to be used at each visit, regardless of campus.

If you are a first-time parent volunteer/visitor or if your background check and anti-bullying training requires renewal, please click the following link to begin the application process now: http://www.hse.k12.in.us/ADM/parents/volunteering.aspx

Thank you for doing your part to make our schools safe and events safe places for students to learn and grow. We look forward to seeing you when school begins on Wednesday, August 9th.

Check out the following video to learn more about background checks for HSE schools.

SafeVisitor Tutorial

Office Schedule - August 8th

Please note that all HSE schools will not be open Tuesday, August 8th until 9:30am. There is an Opening Day event at which all HSE employees will be in attendance. We will be happy to assist you with needs you have between 9:30am-3:00pm that day.

First Day of School

Please remind your child to report directly to the gym after arriving at school on Wednesday, August 9th. We will welcome students, introduce teachers, and have a kick-off to the 2017-18 school year!

Welcome New Falcon Staff

Please join us in welcoming the following staff to our Falcon family!
  • 6th grade - Mrs. Laurie Boykin (Team 6-4) and Mrs. Leslie Falahee (Team 6-1)
  • 5th grade - Mrs. Alexandra Anderson (Team 5-4) and Mrs. Dana Huffer (Team 5-8)
  • Focus teacher - Mrs. Sharon Addis
  • Resource - Mrs. Darla Ayers, Mr. Bill Thomas, Mrs. Kim Weber
  • Orchestra teacher - Mr. Andy Wirtz

We are very excited to welcome our new staff to FCI! They are a talented bunch who are eager to learn and share.

Cafeteria Reminders

Please review the information related to school lunches in the student handbook and note the following as we begin the school year:

All students, adults, and employees of Hamilton Southeastern Schools must pay by cash/check daily or prepay into their food service account through efunds for all purchases. Students will be provided with a regular breakfast and/or lunch daily regardless of the account balance.

Once a student’s account becomes negative an email will be sent to the parent/guardian or the student will be given a note to take home stating that payment is due. In addition, the food service manager will make a courtesy call to notify the parent/guardian, making certain that they are aware payment is due.

The cafeteria manager will bring any outstanding student balances of negative $20.00 or more to the attention of the Director of Nutrition & Food Services who will send a letter to the parents requesting payment be made. If the account remains negative $20.00 or more and no payments is received by the end of the semester the matter will be turned over to a collection agency.

FCI Students may bring a packed lunch from home or purchase a lunch. Soda or carry-in meals from restaurants are not permitted. They may also purchase items a la carte as well.

Students lunches are $2.60 and breakfast is $1.25.

Big image
The MEAL DEAL gives students the best value. It is suggested by cafeteria staff to students but is not required. Students indicate to staff their choices as they walk through the line. Consider reminding your child of the MEAL DEAL option to minimize lunch costs. Students are required to choose at least 3 different options with one of them being a fruit or vegetable.

Want to receive email alerts that your child's lunch account is low?

  1. Log into Skyward.
  2. Click on MY ACCOUNT.
  3. Select the appropriate items under EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS.
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Counselor's Corner

Starting a new year is an exciting time, but it can also bring about stress or anxiety. You can help calm your child's fears with these easy tips.

Ease into the Routine- Switching from a summer to school schedule can be stressful for everyone in the household. Avoid first-day-of-school craziness by practicing your routine a few days in advance. Set the alarm clock, go through your morning schedule, and get going early in the morning. Routines help kids feel comfortable, and establishing a solid school routine will make the first day of school much smoother.

Connect with the School- For many of our students, they are starting at a new, larger, building. Ease their anxiety of a new building and teaching team by taking advantage of opportunities to see the school during Ice Cream Social on August 7th from 3-4:30. Counselors will touring the building on August 2nd at 9:00am for only those students new to the district.

Tool Up- Taking the time to shop for an organize school supplies and other essentials can help your child feel prepared. Before obtaining their schedule the first week of August, you can stock up from the general supply list posted on the FCI website. Know that once your child has been assigned to a teaching team you will have a chance to get all of the specifics needed for the year. If you need any assistance obtaining school supplies, please contact your child's counselor (Mr. Kozloski-5th grade, Mrs. Sullivan-6th grade).

Connect with Friends- A familiar face can make all the difference when starting a new school year. Summer schedules are busy and your child may have lost touch with their friends from last year. Encourage them to reconnect with a friend from the bus or last year's team. Also, help them to get excited about the idea of meeting new friends with the new year.

Jessica Sullivan & John Kozloski

School Counselor

Picture Day

Individual pictures of each student will be taken the morning of August 25th. Packets will go home the first week of school with ordering information. Practice your best smile!


Please take the time to complete the electronic Health Card in Skyward. This must be done prior to the start of the school year and is important to provide the best individual care to your student.

Carol Gump

School Nurse


Immunization Requirements

The Indiana State Department of Health requires additional immunizations for students entering 6th grade. Your child will be eligible for the immunizations when he/she is eleven years of age OR has completed his/her 5th grade school year. The additional immunizations are as follows:

  • Meningococcal (MCV4) vaccine
  • Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis) booster

These immunizations must be completed prior to the first day of school. If your child is unable to receive these due to a medical restriction, or you have a religious objection to these, please contact our school nurse, Carol Gump at 317-915-4220. Exemption documentation is required to be completed each year.

Any student who does not provide documentation of the required immunizations prior to the first day of school may be excluded from school until updated immunization information has been provided.

Please call Mrs. Gump if you have any questions regarding your child’s immunization requirements for the 6th grade.

Homework Club

Could your child benefit from extra academic assistance at times throughout the school year? Take a look at what Homework Club has to offer:

  • Who: Any student needing assistance with specific concepts/completing homework
  • What: Students do not need to sign up ahead of time to attend. However, they will need a note from a parent to stay after school. Students MUST have homework or need assistance as this truly is work time, not a social hour. All school rules apply.
  • When: Monday-Thursday – after school until 3:35pm
  • Where: FCI Media Center
  • Why: We recognize that we are all a team with a heart to assist our students. FCI desires to connect with students and assist them with academic needs in an environment outside the school day as the need presents itself.

NOTE: This club is not intended to be a YMCA after school child care club. However, if your child does attend the YMCA after school child care, he/she may attend homework club then go directly to the YMCA area in the cafeteria. If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact FCI @ 915-4220.

Homework Club will begin August 15th. Remember, there is no homework club after school on Fridays.

Reminders from the FCI Treasurer

  • Book fee payments will be posted in Skyward September 8th. Please do NOT make payments until you have been notified that statements have been processed. No hard copies will be sent home
  • Sept 29 - book fee payments are due (either via efunds or cash/checks to FCI)
  • Sept 30 - deadline to reapply for F/R. each year parents need to reapply (admin. prefers online but paper is available)
  • Oct 25 - unpaid book fees will be turned over to Transworld collectionsEfunds are open for Cafeteria deposits only at this time. https://eps.mvpbanking.com/cgi-bin/efs/login.pl?access=55481

If you have any questions please call Michele Pitts at 915-4220.

This link explains EFunds, managing school lunch accounts, etc.


FCI Office Hours

  • Hours through Aug 4th will be 7:30am-3:30pm.
  • School year office hours begin August 7th-May 25th from 7:00am-3:30pm.

Band and Orchestra Update

The 2017-2018 school year is ready to begin. Students in the 6th grade have an amazing opportunity to participate in the Falcon Orchestra or the Falcon Band.

For students who registered for band or orchestra at the end of last school year, you are all set and ready to go! Those who rented an instrument from Paige's Music, your instruments have been delivered to FCI. For those that still need to obtain an instrument, our first day of band and orchestra will be Monday 8/14/17.

New students and those that who would still like to participate, it's not too late! All you need to do to get fitted for an instrument is to go to Paige's Music. Trained professionals will sit down with you and your student to test several different instruments to find the one that is best suited to you! On Thursday 8/10/17, we will call down any student who is not already signed up for band or orchestra to pass out some information towards the end of the school day.

If you have any questions, please contact one of the directors.

Mr. Brandon Spidel - Band - brspidel@hse.k12.in.us

Mrs. Shelley Yoder - Band - myoder@hse.k12.in.us

Mr. Andrew Wirtz - Orchestra - bwirtz@hse.k12.in.us

******* IMPORTANT FCI PROCEDURES FOR 2017-18 *******

IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTE --- Pick-up/Drop-offs

If your child is a car rider, it is imperative that drivers pick-up/drop-off students in the line that forms along the outside of the parking lot/curb. To be more specific, do NOT park your car and walk your child across the parking lot to the sidewalk at drop-off in the morning. Do NOT park your car and walk up to the curb to walk your child from the curb to through the parking lot during pick-up.

ALL exchanges for which you need to park will require you to accompany your child into the office to drop-off and sign in OR pick-up your child from the office and sign out. While this may add a few extra minutes to the exchange, the safety of all is our utmost concern.

In addition, if you arrive early to drop-off students and decide to park in the lot until drop-off begins, you MUST get in the line to drop your child off at the front and not cut through and jump to the front of the line. Do NOT cut to the front of the line. Given that on any given day we have hundreds of students dropped off, it is imperative that everyone follows the procedures. Safety of all is imperative. Thank you in advance.

Texting/Emailing during school day NOT allowed

In an effort to keep instructional time as free from distraction as possible, do not email or text your child during the school day. Please contact the office should you need to get a message to your child.

Students will be reminded of the following:

  • Absolutely NO texting/personal emailing during the school day (7:35 a.m.-2:55 p.m.) to students OR parents via any type of program/app/etc. Consequences will be given should this occur. [Students staying for after school events may utilize such technology after school.]
  • If a student is not feeling well, he/she must go to the nurse's office and NOT email or text parent without speaking with the nurse. Contact regarding illness/pickup must be communicated through the nurse.
  • Notifications on iPad should be turned off during the school day.
  • If students receive texts/emails during the school day, they should immediately notify their teacher or staff member.
  • We realize there may be a need for communication between students working collaboratively during the school day. However, it should only be done at teacher direction/approval.
  • Texting/emailing that does occur outside of school is a parental approval issue. However, if content of texting/emailing outside of school negatively impacts/affects the school environment, there may be consequences that are imposed at school.

Remember...if you need to get a message to your child during the school day, please call the office at 915-4220. All other situations should be resolved outside the school day.

Transportation Change/Early Dismissal Notification

Please send a note with your child should a transportation change or early dismissal be required. In the event of a last-minute change during the school day, please call the office @ 915-4220.

Change of Transportation: the office needs to be notified by 1:30 to assure all parties involved are notified of transportation changes. Especially now that we only have 5 min. to pack them up and send the buses on their way.

Passes are sent to students with changes in an attempt to reduce interruptions during class. After school hours, please leave a message on our attendance line @ 915-4228.

Please include the following in your note and/or message:

  • child's full name
  • homeroom teacher
  • time of early dismissal
  • nature of dismissal (e.g., doctor appointment, physical therapy, etc.)
  • your full name
  • contact telephone # in the event of questions

If an absence is due to doctor's appointment, remember to send the doctor's excuse note to school for attendance purposes. Medical absences are recorded differently according to our state/district attendance policies.

Do not communicate absence/early dismissal/transportation changes solely to the teacher. This information must go through the office. While you may also notify the teacher, if the teacher is not present at school and information is sent to him/her, the office will not be knowledgable of the information.

Bimonthly Falcon Flyer

Please look for a Skylert to be sent bimonthly from FCI providing you with a link to the most recent FALCON FLYER newsletter. This will be how we will keep you up-to-date with events and happenings at FCI. Please feel free to share the link with other FCI families who may have not received the Skylert. In addition, please suggest to them that they verify current contact information in Skyward as this is where information for future Skylerts is pulled from. Communication is extremely important to us, and we value your involvement!

Upcoming 2017-18 school year dates @ FCI

  • 8/4 - Schedules posted in Skyward; a Skylert will notify of posting; Supply Lists posted on FCI website
  • 8/7 - Annual Ice Cream Social - 3:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. at FCIS.
  • 8/9 - First day of school for students (All students will report to the gym.)
  • 8/15 - Meet the Teacher Night - 6th grade from 6:00pm–7:00pm; 5th grade from 7:30pm–8:30pm

2017-18 Intermediate Schedule

Please note the revised intermediate school hours throughout the district:

  • Breakfast – 7:15am (Bus students will be dismissed for breakfast at 7:25am or upon arrival if after 7:25am.)
  • Arrival bell – 7:35am (Students dismissed from buses and car drop-off line.)
  • School begins – 7:45am (Students will be tardy after 7:45am. Parents must sign-in their child in the office after 7:45am arrival.)
  • Dismissal – 2:55pm T-F; 2:35pm on Mondays

Retired Basketball Jerseys

Flash Sale!

Bring $1 to the ice cream social and get a retired basketball jerseys, shorts, shirts and warm up pants. Various sizes and styles will be available. What a fun way to show your FCI spirit!

PTO Update

Thank you to the following PTO board members for the upcoming school year!

Please join us for the first PTO meeting of the year from 9:30-11:00 a.m. on Aug. 11th. We would love to have you!!

Spirit Wear Available

Follow this link to purchase your Falcon Spirit Wear!


iPad Use in HSE Intermediate Schools

This is a reminder that all intermediate students throughout the district are required to have an iPad as part of their instruction materials. For more information on the use of iPads in the classroom and the HSE21 initiative, access the district website at: http://www.hse.k12.in.us/ADM/academics/hse21/.

**The mission of HSE21 is to equip students with the content knowledge, unique skills, and new literacies they will need to contribute positively in their communities and succeed in the 21st-century global economy.**

iPad Apps

All apps to be downloaded on your child's iPad will be downloaded at home not at school. A list of those apps will be sent home with your child by his/her team of teachers. Generally, an advanced notice of 3-5 days at minimum will be given to ensure downloads are complete prior to needing in the classroom.

Students are permitted to download other apps with parent approval and appropriate leveled rating. Suggestion: Have students create a separate folder for those apps to keep separate from school apps for organizational purposes

District Calendar - 2017-18

Check out the district calendar for 2017-18 and associated dates: https://goo.gl/yzgyYC

Just a reminder, we will dismiss at 2:35pm on Mondays.

Items on the FCI Website

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What's Happening @ the Creek

Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017
  • 9:00-10:00am - New to HSE district students- FCI student tour

Monday, August 7th, 2017

  • Teacher Day only
  • 3:00-4:30pm - Ice Cream Social

Tuesday, August 8th, 2017

  • Teacher Day only
  • Office to open after 9:30am

Wednesday, August 9th , 2017

  • Student First Day of School
  • Breakfast begins

Thursday, August 10th, 2017

  • iPad distribution
  • 2:20pm - Band/Orchestra - callout for any 6th grade student interested but not yet enrolled in band/orchestra

Monday, August 14th, 2017

  • 1st Day of Homework Club

Tuesday, August 15th, 2017

Meet the Teacher Night

  • 6:00-7:00pm - 6th Grade
  • 7:30-8:30pm - 5th Grade

FCI Attendance Line ~ 915-4228.

Student Transportation