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About ZeFrank

ZeFrank Is a very cool website that really makes you use your voice to draw. The website is when ever you talk it starts to draw, If your voice is high then it turns counter clockwise. If your voice is deep then the line goes counter clock wise. Then if your voice is in the middle it draws a strait line. To start the website is hard to get a hold of but once you do you will not want to stop. I think that this is the best website that i have used so far in my life because, it is fun to play around with, it is short and to the point, and it also helps pass the time the fun way not the way that makes you look at the clock every 30 seconds.


I would rate this website a 4 out of 5 because, I really injoyed the idea of the website and how you could use your voice to draw, even if your artistic skills arent very good. I also liked it because it gave you a great time when your on the website and making wonderful drawings.