Virtual Art Museum

By: Steven Arterbery

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Cross in the mountains By: Caspar David Friedrich Completed in 1807

Description:The picture above portrays a man on the cross on top of a mountain at the break of dawn.

Summary: At the time Johan christian Dahl was his influence for the art works.

Analysis: He made it landscape to capture the full romantic theme.

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The Massacre at Chios By: Eugène Delacroix Created in 1824

Description: The picture displays the aftermath of a massacre on the island of Chios. It shows people suffering and death.

Summary: This picture was unusual for the time. He made it to show sympathy, ruin, and despair.

Analysis: This is as tectonic form. The background is for a constant opening out, and centerlessness.

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The fifth plague of Egypt By: Joseph Turner Created in 1800

Description: The picture displays a man with his arms outreached facing a pyramid. With two dead horses in front of him.

Summary: The painting is said to be a biblical scene

Analysis: It was a oil painted on canvas, landscape using dark neutral tones.

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The Dream of Reason Produces Monsters By: Francisco Goya Created in 1799

Description: the painting shows a man sleeping which shows owls and bat flying around him.

Summary: The bats are a symbol of bad dreams and how a dream can create monsters.

Analysis: This type of painting is a etching.

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The clothed maja By: Francisco Goya Created in 1798-1805

Description: This picture shows a lady laying in bed with her hands behind her head in a relaxed position.

Summary: He made this because he was mad at the spanish society.

Analysis: This picture was also a oil painted on canvas which was common for the time.

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Átropos By: Francisco de Goya Created in 1819-1823

Description: This painting show four guys which seem to be floating.

Summary: this painting is a interpretation of mythological goddesses of destiny

Analysis: This painting is also a oil painted on canvas.