Lucy's Library Blast

February 15, 2016

The United States of YA

This is a fun journey through all 50 states, one YA book at a time. It comes in a map format for free downloading, printing, and sharing. This would work well for ELA and Social Studies classes.
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Reading Incentives Work!

We have had our first winner of the $25 award for entering a drawing (names pulled randomly every other week) by reading a book of 300 pages or more and answering the questions in the Reading Incentive google document. The reader accessed the doc by clicking on the link on the internet explorer default page. Kids have also earned no SSA days. We will send out a list of winners at the end of each week. The kids may come to the library to receive their no SSA bands. They may choose the day they wish to use it. They just have to provide the homeroom teacher with their band.

We have shared our initiative with the Hillsboro Cluster as we work together to grow our Reading Culture at our schools. We've had a great response to the incentive program and hope you will help spread the word.

Sometimes you have to light a fuse to start a reading explosion.

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Coloring Patents

For all you colorists, the National Archives recently released a free PDF of a coloring book depicting 16 favorite patents from their holdings. Most of the illustrations date back more than a century, and they range from the practical (the actual troop lander used on D-Day) to the bizarre (protective goggles for your chickens). This illustration shows a submarine patent from 1884.

Update on the 3D Printer Use

The 3D printer has been running almost nonstop for weeks now. We are on our second roll of filament. We are making the following updates to the usage:

  • Students who choose a premade design from sites such as will have to pay $1.00. This is to defray the cost of the filament. While, this is a perfectly acceptable use of the printer because students learn about size/shape/sustainability of designs, most of our students are ready to learn to create their own designs. (I do not allow students to make anything remotely weaponry)
  • Students who create their own designs using sites such as, will not have to pay anything. This is to encourage engineering design and creativity.

If you would like me to give a 10 minute demonstration on the use of Tinkercad, I will happily do so either in your classroom or in the library. Remember, we have a signup sheet for students to use the 3D printer in blocks by class periods. But ultimately the time with the printer is shorter than that AND up to your instructional time discretion.