By: Nolan White


Macbeth is a Scottish general who wants to become King of Scotland and he would kill to become that. Macbeth ends up dying at the end.

Lady Macbeth

Macbeth’s wife, a deeply ambitious woman who lusts for power and position. She dies because she goes crazy.


The brave, noble general whose children, according to the witches’ prophecy, will inherit the Scottish throne. Banquo gets murdered.


A Scottish nobleman hostile to Macbeth’s kingship from the start. He eventually becomes a leader of the crusade to unseat Macbeth. Macduff does not die.

The Three Witches

Three “black and midnight hags” who plot mischief against Macbeth using charms, spells, and prophecies.

Similarities and differences of epic and tragic hero's

Sim-They are both very powerful people

Sim-They are both war hero's

Diff- A tragic hero is an evil person

Diff-the epic hero tries to protect his people and do good


1.When Macbeth was talking to the witches is a dark and scary atmosphere.

2. When people are getting killed by Macbeth it makes the other family members hate Macbeth and want revenge

3.When Macbeth died everybody was happy because they killed the monster


Power- Macbeth got so power hungry he did anything to keep the power by killing people.

Violence-this is a very violent book because there is people getting killed in like every scene