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Blind boy survives on island

Exclusive Interveiw with Blind Boy

On June 20th, 2 sailors sailed into the Devil's Mouth. They found a little blind boy. After they took the boy to safety, they looked on the island and there was amazing stuff that he made to survive.

WT: How did you get on the island?
P: We were on a boat and it got destroyed by the Germans.

WT: How did you get on a raft?
P: I was pulled in by a black man named Timothy.

WT: What was your relationship with Timothy since he saved you?
P: At first it was kinda bad because I didn't really respect him because he was black. My mother didn't like black people, so I thought I shouldn't either.

WT: How did you become blind?
P: I was hit on the head with a pole which knocked out a nerve.

WT: What was your reaction when you reached the island?
P: I didn't really want to go but Timothy did.

WT: How did you know how to make the shelter, mats, and fishing poles?
P: I would say it's mainly by Timothy because he taught me.

WT: Where was Timothy when you got rescued?
P: He died in a hurricane trying to save me.

WT: How were you rescued?
P: These two sailors saw the black smoke and followed it to find me.

WT: What was your reaction when you saw your friends and family again?
P: I'm not used to my friends anymore because I've matured. It was good to see my family because I missed them.

WT: How did you feel when you got your sight back?
P: It was great but the only down thing was that I had to wear glasses all the time.

WT: Would you ever want to go back to the cay?
P: Yes, just to visit Timothy and his grave.


Timothy was a good black man.I mainly thought he was good because he risked his life for me.For all i know any one else would let me die. He did tell me that he can die on the cay. At first I didn't like him. But later on i thought he was great.Any other person would disrespect him. And now i think of him as a role model. He had a horrible way to he died in a hurricane

Weather in curacao

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Hews War Update

Thursday, Aug. 20th 1942 at 12am

Curaçao, Curacao


The Americans are invading a Japanese base. They are doing this because they need intel. the intel is that the Americans think they are planning a master attack