Dante Alighieri

By: Tyler Barnard

Dante's LIfe

  • He was born on May 27, 1265 in Florence Italy.
  • He spent his youth and the majority of his life in the city of Florence.
  • Dante was presumed to have been taught at home, but not much is really known.
  • Dante was born into the Florentine family. But his mother died when he was only five or six years old. He also had one brother and sister. Later in life, at the age of 12, he was promised marriage to a woman named Gemma. They had three children, Jocopo, Pietro, and Antonia
  • He was a mentor of several people including, Geoffrey Saucer and William Blake. They could also be called his patrons.

Dante's Books

Some examples of Dante's greatest books are, Convivio("The Banquet"), Monarchia and his most famous, The Divine Comedy.

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The Divine Comedy

  • Dante's, The Divine Comedy, was completed in 1321.
  • If you wanted to see this book in todays society you could go to Barnes and Noble or many other book stores around the world.
  • This book was very significant. It changed peoples view of the afterlife. It stated that there were now several different sections of the afterlife depending on what you had done during your life.

My Intrest

I think it is interesting that someone from that long ago could have such an interesting view on were you could end up in the afterlife depending on what you had done in your life.


Humanism was a huge part of this book. It focused on humans and how they were directly affected by the thought of the afterlife