Kelli Foulkrod

"That which your resist, persists." Carl Jung
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Kelli Foulkrod's Bio:

Kelli Foulkrod, MS, LPA, RYT

Kelli Foulkrod is a therapist at the Psychology Center of Austin with a specialty in women’s health. She has many years experience providing individual and group therapy services for pregnant and postpartum women, adolescents, and adults. As a founding board member of the Pregnancy and Postpartum Health Alliance of Texas, she has worked hard to provide more opportunities to support women in Central Texas. She is supervised by Sarah Griesemer, PhD.

Kelli has been working in the mental health field for over a decade and has a strong background in academic and clinical research, with contributions to several yoga research studies. Kelli has been practicing yoga and meditation for 12 years, is certified at the 200-hour level and is currently pursuing her 500-hour teacher-training certificate. For the past five years, Kelli has been teaching therapeutic yoga workshops, classes, and groups in Austin, Texas.

Fun and interesting facts:

What is your sign? Capricorn

3 things that scares you? Racism, GMOs and unnecessary military intervention

What is a pet peeve of yours? tailgating

What celebrity do people tell you, you look like? Uma Thurman