Waterville Primary Friday Flyer!

Sharing Great News with our AWesome Families!

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Events for the week of January 13th-January 27th

Dates to Remember

Friday, January 13th: Staff Workday- No School for Students

Monday, January 16th: No School in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Friday, January 27th: WPA Movie Night

Monday, February 6th-Friday, February 10th: Right to Read Week: Get ready for a "Reading Round Up!!!"

Monday, February 6th: Board of Education Meeting @ 6pm

Monday, February 6th: WPA Meeting @ 7pm in Waterville Media Center

Thursday, February 9th: Family Literacy Night 6pm-8pm (held at Waterville Primary)

Monday, February 20th: No School in honor of Presidents Day

Family Literacy Night Event!

Dear Waterville Families:

Let's Saddle Up and Ride on over to Waterville Primary's Reading Round Up!

On Thursday, February 9th, 2023, from 6:00 pm until 8:00 pm, Waterville Primary will be hosting our 5th annual Family Literacy Event: Reading Round Up! Families will celebrate literacy as we rotate and participate in different grade leveled stations. Throughout the evening, families can enjoy a read-aloud and the option to purchase books from our Guest Author (and local celebrity!), Shana Strole. We really hope you and your family can help us rope in some literacy fun!

Please RSVP to join our Reading Round Up!
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Second-Grade Cognitive Abilities Test

During the week of January 30th, children will be taking the Cognitive Abilities Tests. These tests give the teachers and staff an index of your child’s academic potential. These tests are administered periodically throughout your child’s educational career at Anthony Wayne to provide valuable information regarding your child.

While these tests are important and provide valuable information, they are not a part of the state of Ohio’s testing program. Results are sent away to be scored by an outside agency. The final results of this testing will be shared with you when they arrive. These test results are not publicized and do not become part of our school, or district report cards.

As a parent, you have an opportunity to have a significant effect on your child’s performance. There are several things you can do to help your child do their best on these tests:

  • Be sure your child gets a good night’s sleep the evenings before the tests.

  • Encourage your child to do his/her best.

  • Be certain your child gets a good breakfast.

  • Avoid stressful home situations that could distract or upset your student.

  • Encourage your child to take their time when taking the test.

  • Get your child up a few minutes early in the morning to have a calm start to their day.

  • Be certain to get your child to school on time, and do not schedule any appointments that morning. Testing will begin shortly after school has begun to allow all children time to complete the tests.

Thank you very much for your support!

Music Updates From Miss Knoll!

Hello Waterville Families!

Our young musicians have already been busy listening, exploring, and creating in the new year! Please see below for a brief update about our recent focus areas!

In alignment with the Ohio Music Standards, our students have begun exploring how music connects with and communicates emotions through selected musical works. You may be hearing your students talk about their feelings in relation to various musical pieces! We are utilizing the Zones of Regulation Framework, to simplify 4 main “zones” of emotions. These 4 zones are allowing us to have simple, meaningful discussions about the way that music is able to communicate different emotions. Here is a simple description of each of the 4 zones:

  • Blue Zone: Feelings in the blue zone are similar in that we move slowly or may be unmotivated when we experience them. Some examples of feelings in this zone are sad, tired, and bored.

  • Green Zone: When we are experiencing a feeling in the green zone, we are in control of our bodies and able to make great choices easily. Some examples of these feelings are happy, calm, and focused.

  • Yellow Zone: The feelings in the yellow zone can cause us to have a little bit more energy, which can make it more difficult to maintain control of our actions. Examples of yellow zone feelings are silly, excited, and frustrated.

  • Red Zone: The red zone is used to describe the strongest emotions. When we experience a red zone feeling, it is very difficult to use self control. The most common example of a red zone feeling is anger.

We are using this language to categorize specific musical works. During these lessons, students will identify which zone best reflects the music we hear. We will also discuss how music can impact our own emotions. I am excited to continue exploring various styles of music with our students!

Medications at School

If your child needs medications at school, the appropriate forms may be downloaded from our school website or printed from the links below.

All medications must be in the correctly labeled bottle and dated to the current school year. Medications MAY NOT be sent to school with the student. They must be brought into school by the parent or guardian.

Over the counter medications such as Tylenol and Ibuprofen may be brought in by an adult to the school if you would like to keep with Nurse Bradfield in the clinic. The over the counter form must be brought in with the medication.

Over the Counter Medication Form

Prescription Medication Form

We do allow children to bring cough drops to school. Elementary children should bring a signed note from a parent or guardian. The cough drops will be kept in the clinic or with the child's teacher.

Orajel, triple antibiotic ointment, Caladryl lotion, and cough drops in the clinic are administered based upon nurse discretion.

Lunch Menu

January Menu

**The menus have been updated with pictures by clicking on the item.

Waterville Parents' Association Updates

Save the date!

Winters Ball will be held on March 4th

Bowling Bonanza will be held on March 11th

Information for Winters Ball and Bowling Bonanza will be coming home with students in the coming weeks.

The next Movie Night will be held Friday, January 27th at 6:30 pm in the Community Room. We will be showing DC League of Super-Pets. Look for flyers to come home next week!

WPA Meeting

Please join us in the Waterville Primary Media Center for our upcoming WPA Meeting on Monday, February 6th, at 7pm. Childcare will be provided. Hope to see you there!

Join the WPA Facebook Group!


*Please answer all Membership Questions in order to be promptly approved

News from our School Counselor, Mrs. Cowell

Pint-Size Hero Blood Drive!

We are happy to be partnering with the Red Cross again this school year to coordinate a blood drive at Waterville Community Church! Please see below for specific information about this year’s blood drive:

  • The date of this event is Wednesday, January 25th, and appointments will be available from 12:00pm - 5:00pm.

  • The location of the blood drive is at Waterville Community Church (8217 Dutch Rd., Waterville, OH 43566). This is the same location that hosted the blood drive last year.

  • If you are able to donate blood, or to work at the registration table, please let the Red Cross know which of our students “recruited” you! They will receive a special award from the Red Cross for bringing in donors/volunteers!

  • Please see the attached flyer for more specific information about registration for this event! You can also follow this link to register!

We hope that you will consider participating in this year’s Pint-Size Hero Drive! Please contact Mrs. Cowell at jcowell@anthonywayneschools.org or (419) 878-2436 with any questions! Thank you so much for considering participating in this event!

Classroom Counseling Update!

Please see below for information about the most recent classroom counseling lessons in 1st Grade and 4th Grade classes!

First Grade

In 1st Grade this month, we started focusing on emotional awareness! We first spent time clarifying the difference between describing a situation (ex: no one would play with me today) and naming a feeling (ex: sad or lonely). It can be tricky for kids (and even adults!) to communicate their feelings clearly, so learning to name their feelings with clear and simple language is an awesome first step to staying “in charge” of our feelings!

We then discussed that no feelings are “good” or “bad”. It is normal and appropriate to experience all feelings at some points - this does not mean we are doing anything wrong. However, there are certain feelings that we like to experience (ex: happy, proud, calm) and some feelings that we don’t like to experience (ex: sad, angry, worried). Rather than categorizing these emotions as “good” or “bad”, we practiced using the words “comfortable” or “uncomfortable”. Again, this clarification will help our students better articulate their feelings, which is an important step towards appropriately managing these feelings and showing self control.

1st Graders were then introduced (or re-introduced) to a special monster friend named Moody! Moody has lots of different feelings, just like people do. The unique thing about Moody is that, when he has a different feeling, his fur changes color! Students watched a brief video where Moody learned that feelings can be compared to weather. Some feelings are very strong and noticeable (just like stormy weather), while some are more mild (like a sunny, calm day). Also, just like the weather, feelings are always changing!

Students then participated in a couple of activities to practice recognizing and naming feelings and also determining which feelings are comfortable and which are uncomfortable. As a class, we read the book, “The Way I Feel”, by Janan Cain. This book shared examples of several different emotions along with situations that may cause someone to experience each of these emotions. 1st Graders were pretty much experts at categorizing each feeling as either comfortable or uncomfortable! Finally, each student completed a “Feelings Match” activity independently. They spent time connecting a feelings word to the corresponding picture of children experiencing that feeling. Make sure to ask your child about this activity when you see these come home! You can also use this as a tool to encourage your child to communicate their emotions clearly at home!

Fourth Grade

Our 4th Graders have been working on becoming more socially aware during this month’s Classroom Counseling lesson! Social awareness refers to being knowledgeable about (and caring about) the way that we interact with other people in our families, school, and community. Showing appropriate social awareness helps us to get along and to work successfully with each other. During this lesson, 4th Graders had some really great and meaningful small group discussions about the following 4 components of social awareness:

  • Respect: Our students are already very familiar with the concept of respect. “Be Respectful” is even one of our 3 General Expectations (along with Be Responsible and Be Safe)! When defining respect, we used the concept of treating other people the way that we want them to treat us. Thinking of respect in this way can help us to intentionally make choices that create a positive and trusting environment in our class and school communities.

  • Social Skills: This aspect of social awareness refers to our understanding of behavioral expectations and how these expectations can change depending on our setting. The example that we used for this is understanding how behaviors that are acceptable at recess (ex: running, yelling) are not acceptable in the classroom.

  • Empathy: Empathy is a concept that was introduced earlier in the school year during Bullying Prevention lessons. As a class, we reviewed 2 parts of empathy: 1. We understand how another person is feeling. 2. We make a choice to show that person that we care about them.

  • Appreciating Differences: This final component of social awareness refers to the understanding that all of us have similarities and differences. It also refers to the ability to get along with each other and work respectfully together. We clarified that we are not expected to be “best friends” with everyone, but we do need to be able to respect each other and maintain a positive environment here at school.

To conclude this lesson, we came back together as a whole group and discussed one thing all people have in common: all of us have feelings! We feel happy when others are kind to us and we feel sad or angry when others leave us out or make fun of us. Students volunteered to share some examples of choices they could make that would help to promote a positive and peaceful environment here at school. Our 4th Graders had some really wonderful ideas to share!

Grit Awards!

We are so excited to add Grady Spradlin, one of our 2nd Graders, to the Great Wall of Grit this year! Grady is being recognized for his hard work and commitment to practicing Karate. Recently, Grady received his fourth belt promotion and was promoted to Advanced Green Belt. He has been in Karate since last January and practices between 2-4 hours each week. Congratulations, Grady! Keep up the great work!

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Reporting Absences, Notification of Appointments, Vacation Notification

We ask that all parents/guardians please communicate attendance and dismissal changes to both the classroom teacher AND the office. Please do not forget to notify the office of any changes to your child's day/attendance. Please call or email Amy Shiffert at: ashiffert@anthonywayneschools.org (419-878-2436), to report any type of absence your child may experience. Thank you!

Powering Student Progress with STEAM!

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Did you know that Waterville Primary is one of very few STEAM designated elementary schools in Ohio?! We are always looking to increase opportunities for lessons centered around STEAM. We are always interested in developing professional growth opportunities with community leaders, employers, and resources to enhance student learning.

Camp Invention!

There's no doubt, Anthony Wayne students are passionate about science and engineering. We are excited to announce that once again, Waterville Primary School will serve as a host site for this year's event. This year's programming will last four days, June 26-29th. We are eagerly finalizing the details and event schedule and hope to have student registration information go live around the end of February. Each camp day runs from 8:30 am - 4:30 pm. If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Beakas for additional information.

Second Grade Lego Club Registration Opens Tuesday!

We are super excited to begin our third, six-week Lego Club session. While we would love to accommodate more second-grade students, at this time, we are only accepting thirty students for the upcoming session. We kindly ask by registering your child, you are acknowledging their attendance at each of the six sessions.

Second Grade Lego Club Dates:

  • January 23rd

  • January 30th

  • February 6th

  • February 13th

  • February 27th

  • March 6th

At this time, we are only making the (30) available reservation slots available to our current second graders. Lego Club begins immediately after school and runs until 4:45 pm. Please arrive promptly at 4:45 to pick your child up at the front entrance. The registration link will be sent to all Waterville families, next Tuesday, January 17th, at approximately 9:00 pm.

Once registration has ended, all attending families will receive a confirmation email with an additional link that will need to be completed.

Looking to Explore 3D Printing?

There’s no arguing that 3D printing has taken over the STEAM world the past five years. As 3D printers, filament, software, and design programs become more affordable and readily available, students have a unique opportunity to explore a world of design and fabrication that many of us adults have never experienced. Waterville Primary School is fortunate to have several 3D printers in the building and our students so as our students begin developing CAD and Math skills necessary, they can also be successful in 3D printing. If you are looking to explore more in 3D printing, please contact Mr. Beakas for more information.

Great Wall of Grit!

The importance of helping a child learn to commit to something long term, persevering when faced with obstacles, and the willingness to keep trying- even when a task or goal is challenging, is our continued focus at Waterville Primary. Grit and growth mindset is not an “edu-fad” but dispositions we will encourage and intentionally teach all of our students, through different classroom activities, assignments, literature, role models, real world examples, and conversations about the topic.

We really need your help again this year with continuing to provide examples of our very own students and ways that they have shown commitment to an activity or goal. You all did a great job recognizing our gritty students and staff last school year and we need to continue to recognize some new students as the school year begins.

Our “Waterville’s Great Wall of Grit” bulletin board remains hanging in the hallway across from the kitchen. This display showcases our gritty students and staff that have been nominated by other individuals as examples of strivers-students who have an enduring passion and take action to achieve a goal. We will continue to spotlight our students and staff who have both determination and direction.

At the end of this Friday Flyer you will find a nomination form to complete if you would like to nominate a student or staff member here at Waterville Primary that you feel exemplifies Grit. Please turn them into the school office once completed and make sure to check out the “Great Wall of Grit” next time you are here in the school.

Follow Waterville Primary on Twitter!

Waterville Primary will be continuing our presence on Twitter with the handle @AWLSWA. This medium is used for both sharing daily activities and any potential alerts for our building. If you do not have a Twitter account you can still get updates via a Fast Follow feature that sends tweets to phones via SMS text messages. Here is all it takes to sign up to receive SMS text messages from the Waterville Twitter account when a tweet is posted:

On the phone to receive the messages, simply create a new text message to phone number 40404. Next, the message to be sent should read: follow @awlswa

That’s all there is to it! Any student or parent that follows this procedure will receive any Waterville school Twitter messages to their phone as an SMS text message.

To turn off text messages, you would send a message to 40404 that reads: off @awlswa

Flyer Central:

Flyer Central

The following opportunities are available on Flyer Central:



· AWJH Homework Helpers

Auditions and Performances

· Auditions: Aladdin (Grades 3-8) and Mother Goose (Grades K-2)

· Auditions: The Claw (Grades 7-12)

Community Events

· Waterville Branch Library

· Fundraiser for Spotlight Dance Academy

· Hyper Film Challenge (Ages 10-17)

· Mindfulness Mementos (Ages 10-17)

· Learn to Crochet Workshop (Grades 2-5)

· Recycle Old Sneakers


· Ballet Theatre of Toledo (Ages 3 ½ to Adult)

· RiverFront Studios: Art & Music Lessons

Athletic Clubs and Activities

· Glass City Broomball (Girls, Grades 8-12)

· AWHS Junior to Cheer Clinic (Grades K-6)

· Anthony Wayne Youth Foundation

Adult Learning

· Cherry St. Mission Workforce Development