Our delicious fresh healthy produce is sold through an organic box scheme, at the Food lovers Market, the Green Shop & Café and The Deli.

Eating fresh, local and sustainably produced food is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. This not only benefits you and your family, but also our environment, our local farmers and our local economy. One of the easiest and now most popular ways around the world of doing this is by joining an organic box scheme… this means you get your fresh and healthy produce delivered to a collection point near you on a weekly basis. No more crowded supermarkets. No more long queues. No more ornate and wasteful packaging. And most importantly no more chemically grown and preserved so called ‘fresh’ produce from unknown and far flung places. No easier way to feel good about yourself, and good about your impact on the environment.

Green Fox Ltd is situated in Lilayi just outside Lusaka. The organic gardens started as a pilot project in December 2000 in response to the growing need to take back control of our food, health and care for the soil and ecosystems that sustains us. From a small home and community garden the project has grown with increasing demand to supply a number of restaurants and shops around Lusaka as well as our weekly organic box scheme. Green Fox Ltd also runs a number of other projects which include support to local farm workers, a small recycling initiative, information dissemination and training on sustainable living, organic farming and natural health products.