Pennsylvania Hill

Amish Furniture Handcrafted and Made In the USA

Pennsylvania is a state whose name means “Penn’s woods,” and was founded by Quaker; William Penn. Pennsylvania represents the importance of labor, agriculture, perseverance and commerce. The rolling hills and the dense forest are considered as the home of our company. The Pennsylvania Hill is leading distributers of quality American and Amish built furniture. We ensure that the furniture we offer are of excellent quality and are free from any type of damage or defect.

We have a complete catalog of Amish Made Furniture that allows you to turn your house into a space according to your style. We are putting your alternatives for different areas of your home that will allow you to customize your environment available.

Our sales are different because from Pennsylvania Hill is a good investment. We have the latest collections on arrivals best Amish Made Bedroom Furniture, Custom Amish Furniture, American Made Dining Room Sets and many others to explore. Coming at Pennsylvania Hill, you’ll always find new collection of contemporary pieces that complement your living room or bedroom. Unique pieces made with the utmost care and subtlety and elegance and delicacy of one of the leading manufacturers in this sector.

We are a famous name in the field of furniture distributers and we aim to maintain our status by satisfying the needs of our clients. We have cheap shipping costs and our delivery services are quick and reliable. You can place an order for our products by logging on to