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Tim Berners-lee

Tim Berners-Lee was born in England and graduated in physics in 1976 at oxford university. Tim is know to be the director of the world wide web (www) consortium and the father of the world wide web! Imagine what it would be like without the web. We would never be able to have social networking sites, never could we look up movies, ITunes, Amazon, YouTube. None of these thing would exist. you are probably saying 'well hang, on what is the wide web.' well it is not a surprise that you are asking because it is a huge thing to get your head around. Well it is simply a widely used information system on the internet that provides hundreds and thousands of facility's to be connected to by documents of other documents and so on... It is a bit like a spiders web of sites and images.
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how did Tim Burners-lee crearte the www

At the Time Tim was working at CERN as a scientist, he wrote a paper on the means of particle physics. Tim's paper led to a small spark of an idea which slowly grew until he created the www.

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